Shots from Sydney's Chinese Garden of Friendship Reveal a Divine Landscape

Published 9 years ago

The Chinese Garden of Friendship is a magical and secluded place right in the middle of the big city of Sydney. It’s located in the south end of the Darling harbour, and very close to Sydney’s Chinatown. Going for a walk in this garden is like traveling back in time to ancient China. You have the great opportunity to enjoy the amazing Chinese architecture and its constant bond with the powers of nature. And this is more than just a garden – it’s a respectful recreation of the harmony, philosophy and traditions of this amazing country.

The Chinese Garden of Friendship contains lots of various elements, like plants, water, stone and amazing architecture, as well as living creatures, like koi carps, which swim freely in the lakes without being disturbed by anyone. There are also many waterfalls, hidden pathways, exotic plants, pavilions, and much more. You can also enjoy a nice traditional Chinese tea, which is being served in the Teahouse. I personally love the combination between architecture and nature, which creates an amazing landscape, as shown in the photos. Even the tall buildings and the city’s noises cannot be heard in this magical place. I would recommend it to everyone staying in the city or just traveling through Sydney. The fee is very small and it’s open from 09.30 AM to 5 PM, which will give you enough time to walk through all the paths and enjoy every single waterfall and lotus plant.

More info: I I Fantastic Gardeners Sydney I Wikipedia Reference

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