20 Photos Of Long Hairdos In All Their Glory, Shared In This Dedicated Online Community

Published 2 years ago

Although it’s difficult to maintain and grow long hair, it has its own charm. No matter what hairstyle is trending, long hair has always been in vogue because of how awesome it looks.

There is an online community dedicated to “long hair” that might inspire you to grow your hair, or just admire the beauty of long mane. The community with around 398K members is a platform where people of all ages and genders flaunt their luscious long locks. Check out some of their wonderful photos in the gallery below.

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#1 36 Inches Of Curlzzz !

Image source: ResidentCedarHugger

#2 I Started Growing My Hair At 15. Here I Am At 23 And 50

Image source: Redditwrong420

#3 Went To The Renaissance Festival Recently And Got A 7 Strand Braid Done

Image source: theninjaforhire

#4 Have A Lovely, Happy, Funny Week Lovelies. Keep Smiling:))

Image source: Dreadindian

#5 4 Year Hair Growth With No Hair Cuts, Not Even Trims. From Yesterday, Back To Senior Year Of Hs (2018)

Image source: matthewcdotrice

#6 I Don’t See A Lot Of Afros On This Sub — Figured I Would Contribute!

Image source: 2noserings

#7 My Mom Used To Cut Her Hair Short And Perm It, But Since I’ve Been Caring For Her I Let It Grow. She’s 93!

Image source: sunnysideup689

#8 Sometimes I Don’t Know If I Want To Put It Up Or Let It Down. As You Can See It’s Everywhere . Lol

Image source: BAYto310

#9 My Hair Looks A Bit Like Fire In The Sun

Image source: FrumpItUp

#10 Been Vibin With The Half Bun Lately

Image source: 7iar

#11 Undid My Braid And Thought My Hair Looked Pretty :)

Image source: FayeTealeaf

#12 Shaved My Head 2.5 Years Ago, Now It Won’t Stop Growing!

Image source: passionpeaches

#13 My Face Wasn’t Cooperating But My Hair Sure Was✌️

Image source: That-Bike

#14 My Sweet Friend Just Braided My Hair!! She’s The Best!!!!❤️

Image source: averyfoster11

#15 Decided To Try Growing My Hair Out A Bit

Image source: mental_mooncake

#16 Needed To Flex My Hair Growth Somewhere

Image source: twe12ve

#17 I’m Really Starting To Like How My Hair Looks When I’m Outside! My Hair Officially Goes Past My Bum!

Image source: gingisickasfrick


Image source: iridescenceeee

#19 4 Years Of Hair Growth From Shoulder Length

Image source: sh0000k

#20 My Hair After Four Months Of Weekly Rosemary And Peppermint Oil Treatments

Image source: Why_is_the_sky_blue

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