20 Vintage Photos Of Impressive Architectural Buildings That No Longer Exist

Published 1 year ago

With the number of things that change over time, it stands to reason that there are many magnificent architectural structures we have likely lost in due course. While many countries consider their architectural monuments as part of their heritage, maintaining such is not always an easy task. 

Fortunately, while we are not able to physically appreciate all the fantastic edifices that many have built over time, we can still keep the memories alive through photographs. Collected by historians and architectural enthusiasts, the following pictures were found on the ‘Lost Architecture’ Reddit community. From impressive buildings that were destroyed by fires, war and other calamities, the collection allows us a glimpse into the past of ‘interesting buildings that no longer exist’ as per the description of the ‘Lost Architecture’ community. 

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#1 Skete Of All Saints, Ukraine (Largest Wooden Church In Ukraine, Burned Down 2022)

Image source: TheRickerd120

#2 The Old Times Square. (1904)

Image source: reddit.com

#3 Graham House, West Vancouver, Canada, Designed By Arthur Erickson In 1962, Demolished In 2007

Image source: archineering

#4 San Francisco’s Cliff House 1896–1907

Image source: ZomberBomber

#5 Park Hotel Bremen, Bremen, Germany. Built In 1890 And Was Lost To A Fire In 1907

Image source: JankCranky

#6 Leaning Tower Of Zaragoza “Torre Nueva”(1504-1892)

Image source: Atropapalucos

#7 Los Angeles In 1918, Nothing Here Survived To The Present Day

Image source: moose098

#8 Salzhaus And Haus Frauenstein. Built Around 1600 In Frankfurt, Germany. Both Destroyed In 1944 By An Raf Raid

Image source: JankCranky

#9 The Baths Of Diocletian, 298 Ad. A Couple Of Walls Are Left, Still Impressive

Image source: CountHonorius

#10 Pennsylvania Station, New York City, Ca 1910

Image source: HejdaaNils

#11 Base Of The Spire, Seen From The Southwest, Notre-Dame De Paris, 2018

Image source: danbob411

#12 Saratoga Hotel In Havana, Cuba. Destroyed By A Gas Explosion

Image source: Uncerte

#13 Neue Elbbrücke Bridge From 1887-1959 In Hamburg, Germany

Image source: Lepke2011

#14 National Palace Of Haiti, 1912-2010, Severely Damaged By The 2010 Haitian Earthquake And Demolished In 2012

Image source: reddit.com

#15 Ancient Egyptian Fortress Of Buhen – Lost To The Aswan Dam (Lake Nasser)

Image source: CountHonorius

#16 Cathedral Of Christ The Saviour, Located In Borki, Near Kharkiv In The Russian Empire (Modern-Day Kharkiv, Ukraine). Pictured In 1894. It Was Destroyed During The Second World War

Image source: Silverfrost5549

#17 Świnoujście/Swinemünde Pier, Poland (Formerly Germany). The Place Existed Between 1890s And 1920s

Image source: Mackelowsky

#18 St. Peter’s Hospital, Bristol, England. Built In The Late 14th Century As A Merchant’s House, Destroyed In The Bristol Blitz In 1940

Image source: JankCranky

#19 1890 Sioux City Corn Palace, Iowa. From 1887 To 1891, Sioux Cityans Celebrated The Autumn Harvest With A Festival Featuring The Construction Of A Large Building In Downtown Called A Corn Palace Covered In Corn And Other Grains

Image source: JankCranky

#20 Galloway’s Furniture Store, Sarasota, Florida, Designed By Victor Lundy In 1959. Partially Demolished In The 1970s, Some Of The Structure Still Survives Within A Nondescript Exterior

Image source: archineering

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