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10+ Hilarious Pics Of Perfectly Timed T-Shirts

Published 1 year ago

You know what’s a lucky coincidence? It’s when you’re at the right place, at the right time, and also wearing the right outfit. That is something one can’t plan ahead.

There’s no other way to put it – the people listed below just got lucky (even though sometimes that “luck” is more sarcastic than fortunate). Whether they accidentally ran into a celebrity while wearing a t-shirt with their face on it, or just captured someone else sporting unintentionally matching outfits, the universe aligned everything perfectly for them that day. Lucky for us, their coincidences were captured on camera too, so we now can have a little giggle while scrolling through the pictures.


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#1 I Have Had This Shirt For Two Years, Always Wondered Why The Sleeves Were Black. Then I Met This Man At My College

Image source: CXV_

#2 Love Having My Fans Support!! This Little Guy Was Pretty Surprised When He Turned Around

Image source: justinverlander

#3 I’m At The Hospital And I See This Kid And Burst Out Laughing! Had To Take His Pic Which Made All The Other People In The Waiting Room Including His Mom Crack Up

Image source: denver_patton

#4 Right Place, Right Time

Image source: norcal530

#5 My Cousin Met A Victoria’s Secret Model At The Airport. Perfect Day To Be Wearing That Shirt

Image source: trolollies

#6 Shirt

Image source: enohcs

#7 4 Strangers Same Outfit

Image source: superfab96

#8 Chance Encounter

Image source: dwimback

#9 Appropriate Shirt

Image source: Billy7788

#10 Lick It Up

Image source: Robertino_Loreti


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