Lumiere London 2016 – London as You've Never Seen it Before

Published 8 years ago

If you live in London you’re probably one of the many who witnessed this amazing light festival. It was definitely the biggest festival of such kind that has hit the capital. London’s most iconic locations were lighted up by extraordinary projections, installations and other amazing light works. More than 30 artists were involved in the creation of the light installation and it was brilliant.

The festival took place over four nights – from 14-17th January 2016 and it was the first time it took place in London. It is part of a project called Lighting up the North and so far festivals were hosted in seven cities around North England, including Lancaster, Leeds, Manchester, Blackpool and others. The interest was so big, that on Saturday night the installation got turned off because of the overcrowding.

If you aren’t one from the lucky ones who saw it – here are part of the beautiful installations.

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2016, art, London, photos
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