Magento Extension Development Experts Share Top Avoidable Mistakes

Published 7 years ago

When we think of the best and distinguished ecommerce platform, magento strikes in the mind. Magento extension development experts are happy because they are able to develop highly intuitive and dynamic online store. Magento is the best ecommerce solution that is loaded with power features that will help programmers to set up a comprehensive functional web store at the drop of a hat. Magento brings some advanced ecommerce functions like customer services, improving sales, store management, rewards, feedback, and more.

In other words, when you consider magento as an ecommerce development platform, the process becomes straightforward. However, if you want to maintain your brand value, you need to avoid some common mistakes. Most of the owners of magento site, especially the new ones make fundamental development mistakes that could put bad impact on the conversions and sales of the e-store.

If you wish to provide a premium shopping experience to your clients, you have to set priorities, such as requirement of the customer, by adopting the advanced ways of enhancing the sales. To boost the brand value of the ecommerce website, there is a list of top mistakes that you can avoid in your magento store development:

– Default settings use

If you want to raise the bars of your sales chart, you must avoid using default settings. Enable manual settings because there are some default settings that can restrict you from achieving the targets and goals.

It includes-

1. Default homepage, descriptions, sitemap etc.

When you visit any ecommerce site, do you find any Home title on the home page? No. As per SEO algorithm, you need to use a primary keyword followed by the secondary keyword for the home page.

Take an instance of an online candle store named as Spark can use Spark show store as a home page title. To edit or make changes in the title, you can navigate to Pages section in CMS and tap on edit your home page.

In the same way, you can change the description and sitemap and other things.

2. Layered navigation issues

Layered navigation means multiple options that are available on a single page. There are distinct categories organized on one page that lets customers to choose their desired options. Due to layered navigation, users encounter several barriers including overlapped categories, slow page loading speed, and obsecured images. This refrains viewers to stay at webpage and due to this, product sale decreases.

3. Right theme selection

Magento has plenty of beautiful themes that can be customized without any coding. What you should not do is the selection of heavy theme. Heavier the theme means lower the loading speed.

All these mistakes are common among magento developers. The experts of magento extension development have shared this post with an intention to help developers and stop them to commit same mistakes in future. If you have doubts or want to know more such tips, write to experts via comments. They will respond you soon here.

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Magento development : top avoidable mistakes

Magento development : top avoidable mistakes

Magento development : top avoidable mistakes

James Warner

James Warner is an highly skilled and experienced software and mobile application system development manager at NexSoftsys. He has wide experience in IT industries to develop creative business system based on Java, .Net, Python, iOS, Magento and Android. His broad technology knowledge inspire him to face complicated projects. He is working with Healthcare industries, Telecommunications, Banking and finance IT sector to produce high security and user friendly business system.

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