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Celebrity Photographer Shares His Project “Now And Then” Showing The Same Male Models Decades Apart

Published 1 year ago

Time doesn’t stop for anyone and we all have to go through the aging process. As we grow older, a lot of things change – just imagine who you were 10 years ago and who you are now. I’m sure that you can find some (or many) differences in the physical and mental aspects of your being.

Doug Inglish, a fashion and celebrity photographer decided to capture his past models in a series called “Now & Then”. In the amazing series, photos of male models are recreated over the span of decades. “I was, I am, I become” is the main focus of Doug’s project which beautifully reflects the passage of time. Check out some of those photos in the gallery below.

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Image credits: douginglish


Image credits: douginglish, model: Jacob Bryan


Image credits: douginglish, model: Jerreth Ludwig


Image credits: douginglish, model: Trent Garrett


Image credits: douginglish


Image credits: douginglish


Image credits: douginglish


Image credits: douginglish


Image credits: douginglish


Image credits: douginglish

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