25 Things You Probably Misremember Because Of The Mandela Effect

Published 6 months ago

Have you ever been convinced that something from the past happened a certain way, only to find out that it’s not true? Well, you’re not alone. This is called the Mandela Effect, and it happens when a large group of people remember something differently than how it actually occurred. For instance, many people believe that the Monopoly Man wore a monocle, or that the Fruit of the Loom logo contained a cornucopia, but in reality, they don’t. These are just a couple examples of the many perplexing situations that people have been discussing in the Mandela Effect Glitch In The Matrix Facebook group.

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#1 Anyone remember this author’s name being ‘Steele?’ I distinctly remember an ‘e’ at the end.

Image source: Jessie Harris

#2 Hannibal Lecter said, “Hello Clarice”. Mandela effect says he only said, “Good morning”. I remember impersonating that line, with Anthony Hopkin’s accent, saying, “Hello Clarice” with my friends all the time!

Image source: Robyn Salisbury, Orion Pictures

#3 Where is the lower set of arms?

Image source: Mariah Cuch, Doug.Williams (Not the actual photo)

#4 It’s Interview with A Vampire, not Interview with THE Vampire… Am I right?

Image source: Jacqui McCarron, Warner Bros


Image source: Francisco Casillas

I’ve believed in Mandela effects for a while now, but I just found another one that again cemented it if I had any doubt. For context, since age might matter, I’m 34, but I owned all the Game Boy Pokémon as a child and teenager. In the game Pokémon, the rock-type character that looks like a snake made of large boulders was always called ‘Onyx.’ It was always Onyx like the color. I remember because of the text change with the letter ‘y.’ It goes below the lettering, and it was easy to remember. But now the name of the character is Onix. That was not the case in my childhood. I even used to draw the Pokémon and name them on paper


Image source: Lezlee-ann Louise Groat, warnerbros

#7 Okay, I really need to ask all of you this. Am I the only one who remembers Tutankhamun’s headdress only had a snake in front? Not a snake and a bird. I wrote a paper many, many years ago in school about him, and I KNOW it only had a snake back then. I’m so confused.

Image source: Victoria V. Christensen, Roland Unger


Image source: Anonymous participant

I recently told my my mom about the Mandela effect and shared a bunch of them for her to check out herself. The stepmother’s line which is now “Magic Mirror on the wall…” She remembered vividly being “Mirror, mirror on the wall…”. As a kid, she ran out of the theater when her parents took her to see the movie because she was so afraid of the evil stepmom. She had recurring nightmares afterwards even. She sent me this pic a few days later. It’s taken from The Family Treasury of Children’s Stories, Book One.

#9 Many remember the line from Scary Movie as ‘I see white people,’ playing off the iconic line from The Sixth Sense, ‘I see dead people.’ Well, it no longer exists; now the Scary Movie scene says ‘I see dead people.’ The Mandela effect strikes again!

Image source: Devon Kramer, Dropthebeatonit

#10 Jif vs. Jiffy was my first experience with the Mandela effect. Wait, now it’s ‘Jif.’

Image source: Aelx Ancient-Maya Cveuas, jif


Image source: Jason Ralston

South America moving a significant amount east (on maps) is what started me on the ME. There were maps/globes in nearly every classroom growing up. I love geography and have looked at that continent hundreds of times. It absolutely was not that far East. No chance. This one get any body else?
Edit: I am not talking about updated maps/drift. The map you find everywhere now shows SA at least 1000 miles east of what I remember. The map showing SA almost directly under NA does not exist (and apparently *never* existed. That is what qualifies this as a Mandela Effect)
I remember picture A. Picture B is evidently where SA has always been located

#12 I remember propellers not flags

Image source: Devon Kramer


Image source: Simon Guy

Who remembers the kids show Lamb Chops play along? It was in the 90s (I think)
At the end of the show there is a song called
“The song that NEVER ends”
It’s one of those daft songs that gets stuck in some part of your brain that pops out from time to time ?
I was singing it last week as my daughter and I were talking about kids shows from when I was younger. She wanted to see it, so I went to YouTube and typed “the song that never ends”
As expected it shows up, only now the lyrics are
“this is the song that DOESN’T end”!!!! It doesn’t even sound right!!

#14 I remember when it was BRAGG’S

Image source: Erik Weigand, bragg

#15 Wasn’t this always Room 1408 not just 1408? I read the short story and watched the movie. Always recall it being Room 1408

Image source: Alyssa Dawn Babiuk, paramountpictures

#16 This may be silly, but I swear the Pillsbury Doughboy always had a little blue scarf, but apparently, it’s just white. Maybe I’m thinking of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, haha

Image source: Emma Pelley, Doug Quick

#17 Who remembers Michael Jackson’s song ‘Smooth Criminal’ going, ‘You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by, a smooth criminal?’ ‘Cause apparently those aren’t the lyrics. Now, it’s ‘You’ve been hit by, you’ve been hit by, a smooth criminal

Image source: Kat Stark, Michael Jackson

#18 We’re all mad here.’ I’m watching Disney’s Alice in Wonderland on Disney+, and I’m shocked that the Cheshire Cat says, ‘Most everyone’s mad here’ NOT ‘We’re all mad here.’ I know people who have gotten tattoos that say, ‘We’re all mad here’ as they remember it, and now it’s gone!

Image source: Devon Kramer, Disney


Image source: David Morris, bookshop

I first became aware of and interested in the Mandela effect due to the Berenstein Bears. I read the books to my sons when they were young and I remember thinking when I read the name are these bears like Jewish bears hence the last name ending in “stein”, or was it like stein in Frankenstein? Some years ago I stumbled onto this whole Mandeal effect thing. So for me it was always the Berenstein Bears, Fruit of the Loom did have a cornucopia, and Mandela did not die in prison.
But one thing that happened for me is something that no one else might not have experienced, or at least I haven’t read an account about what I’m going to share. Now some of you older people might remember the early disco song “Rock Your Baby” which was by George Maccrae in 1974. It was a huge hit at the time. Now here is were it gets interesting to me. In 1986 I was at my mothers house eating lunch and I was reading the newspaper. There was an article about the death of George Maccrae and that he had died of cancer. I was very saddened upon reading this. His song Rock Your Baby was a song that I really loved and anytime I ever heard it it just made me feel good. So the years following I was always saddened to know that George was no long with us. Now before I go any further you need to know that I know quite a bit about music and 1970s music is my specialty. So I have always been the guy that when it comes to 1970s music that when there is a trivia contest etc I win. It was a few years back that all of a sudden I became aware that George Maccrae isn’t dead. He didn’t die ans he’s alive and well and he was still singing. I was really shocked because I know damned well I had read his obituary article in the newspaper in 1986. I went years just knowing he was no longer alive and now all of a sudden he is alive. Well I’m glad he still is but I cannot explain this. If I had been in a triva contest about music I would have said he died in 1986 of cancer.


Image source: Allison Luckow, cottonbro studio/Pexels (not the actual photo)

I was showing my son some videos of the Mandela effect & the Christmas song, I’ll be home for Christmas came up as one. I’ve always heard, I’ll be home for Christmas, you can Count on me. I was baffled when I heard it doesn’t say Count, it says, You can Plan on me. Fast forward to this morning & my daughter was playing a game on her pad & that song was part of the game. For the 1st time I heard, You can Plan on me. My question is…if I had not watched the video on the Mandela effect about a week ago, would I still have heard Count? Like the Laurel & Yanni thing? Do you guys remember that? Some people would hear Laurel, while others heard Yanni. I think it was Yanni, it could hv been something similar ijust can’t recall it tho. What do you all think? Im curious about this. Clear as day the song said Plan. ? I even asked my 6 year old & she said, mom, I thought the song said you can count on me. So baffled

#21 I was damn near sure this is NOT where your kidneys are supposed to be… I thought much lower; that’s how I remember being taught anyway

Image source: Jason Whitaker, britannica

#22 “I just saw the Mandela affect of Frosty the Snowman (the cartoon Christmas movie). He’s no longer wearing a scarf? I remember him wearing one. How about you all?

Image source: Shannon Della-Ratta, Universal Pictures All-Access

#23 Ok here’s one that has always bothered me. I remember Thanksgiving being the third Thursday of November, not the fourth. It was that way until my early teens. Then it switched. But you look it up, it’s supposedly always been the fourth Thursday. I was born in 1964 to give you a perspective on time frame. I remember because we always got out for the whole weekend and the dates were always like 19th, 20th, or 21st through whatever

Image source: Sandra K. Murphy, 戴 宇扬/Pexels (not the actual photo)

#24 Houdini’s death- Google (and a good few people I’ve asked) say his cause of death was from a ruptured appendix but I’m sure it was during a trick where he could get out of the water filled box, Im sure I remember learning about it in school

Image source: Kiki Maria, RR Auction


Image source: Anonymous participant, Ren Beth

I’m planning my kids birthday party and a friend told me joking to not to go wild and put ipads in the party favors… we laughed because I knew he was referring to an episode from Big little lies that we have watched a few years ago. I re watched the whole 2 seasons again and now I didn’t see that scene at all! I remember it was on S2 in Amabella’s birthday party since Renata was trying to not to look poor after their bankrupcy…… I totally remember that Bonnie looks at the party bag and tells her husband.. oh wow there is an ipad in there. Do any of you remember that scene? It may have been cut or something but why that specific scene? I have googled it and look for it in youtube but nothing! Like it never happened!

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