35 Remarkable Occurrences Of Doppelgangers That Made People Scratch Their Heads

Published 4 months ago

The phenomenon of encountering one’s doppelganger, a lookalike stranger who bears an uncanny resemblance, has long been a source of fascination and intrigue. While many dismiss the idea as mere coincidence, there are instances that defy explanation, leaving people scratching their heads in disbelief.

Here are some of the most remarkable occurrences of doppelgangers that left individuals astonished and bamboozled people around them.

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#1 Yes Dani, Tell Us How

Image source: DanielleKGrier

Windtree : “Someone needs to do some explaining ;-)”

Amy Manning : “Also, your baby appears to be a vampire. Be careful breastfeeding.”

#2 My Family’s Friend Is A Persian Replica Of Jeff Goldblum. They Finally Met

Image source: arsf1357

Aldryx Andromeda : “This one’s actually freaky”

#3 She Is Nowhere Near As Thrilled As Her Father

Image source: ellomelissa

zububonsai : “But, but …. it. I S her replica. Dad is right. 😍 (and both are cute)”

#4 Two Stranger Twins Met At A Hockey Game, And The Third One Found Their Picture Online

Image source: Matthews84, The_Stickmen

Aldryx Andromeda : “I mean… are we sure they’re three guys? /jk”

#5 I Wasn’t Convinced Until Now. We Are Definitely In A Simulation. Today I Randomly Swam Past My Doppelgänger At The Flamingo Pool In Vegas

Image source: Seandouglasmcardle

Lee Banks : “DNA test?”

Sue Denham : “Got to ask. Did you ask him when his birthday is and if he was adopted?”

#6 A Girl From My School And I. The More I Look, The Weirder It Gets

Image source: fewz_y0

Nadine : “Take a DNA test.”

Wonder Woman : “Same school? Yeah, dad’s got some ‘splainin to do 😂”

Flora Porter : “Wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened. Show the photo to your parents separately and watch their reactions closely.”

#7 Pretty Sure I Saw Robin Williams’s Identical Twin While On Vacation In Germany

Image source: Ballistic_Pineapple

ammara : “I would like to dream that his death was an elaborate final prank on all of us after which he went anonymous. And this is the real him, happy and healthy,living his best life.”

#8 Met My Doppelganger

Image source: Djbdjdei

zububonsai : “This is convincing and cool”

ShyWahine : “Wow – same happy grin and clothing style!”

#9 The French Gentleman Spawn Is Broken

Image source: Naivara_Liandon

Twanny 73 : “Could be Twin brothers”

sbj : “It’s the ‘old persons’ uniform”

#10 Spotted A Glitch In The Matrix Today

Image source: mint_tea_logo

Mike F : “Like mirror images! Bag and cane switch hands!”

#11 So It Turns Out I Have A Twin In Israel. Either That Or There’s A Glitch In The Matrix

Image source: danielbergman99

Bored something : “His tshirt has a typo, it was supposed to read ‘repeat'”

#12 You’re Not My Grandmother

Image source: reddit.com

Mike F : “A good, old fashioned, granny throw down would settle that!”

#13 Casually Met My Doppelganger At A Boat Party

Image source: jackmcclelland7

Mike F : “Identical”

#14 10 Years Ago, I Went Off To College And People I Didn’t Know Kept Coming Up To Me And Calling Me “Brian”. My Name Is Josh. Then, A Few Weeks Later, I Met Brian, And We Took This Picture

Image source: pnw_smalls

Mike F : “And they each look duly impressed.”

Rocco MZ : “I can see mistaking them when they aren’t together, but side by side, I really only see resemblance in the hair. Their build is different, their facial features are different. Good looking dudes though.”

#15 I’m Actually A Vampire And Here’s A Picture Of Me From The 40s. Just Joking, Just My Doppelganger Great Uncle

Image source: Drunken_Herald

#16 I Look Creepily Similar To The Guy In This Poster

Image source: poguitar

zububonsai : “Wow. Yes, you do.”

#17 My Little Cousins Wanted To Know Why The Art Museum Had A Painting Of Their Uncle

Image source: Tina_R_Belcher

Ivka Vé : “Yeah, why?”

#18 I’ve Been Looking For Her Ever Since

Image source: CatieO

SweetCheesySpaghetti : “If my teeth were straighter i would have thought this was me 12 years ago.”

#19 Drove 10 Hours Alone To A Concert And Met My Doppelganger

Image source: Phoenix_PRB

Lee Banks : “I just want to know how this went down. Did one of you awkwardly go “holy s**t!”? Did a friend of his notice you and drag you over? Was a stranger confused, and insisted you meet?”

#20 I Have Worked Here For 2 Years. I Have Only Seen Them Individually. Had A Major “What Is This” Moment Today When I Realized It Was Two Different People

Image source: ohdanyella91

Saint Thomas : “+1 for the context. Must be strange indeed ^^”

Marla Singer : “I have had this moment… two people that I always thought were the same person until I saw them TOGETHER. (However it turns out they’re brothers so it’s not a glitch.)”

#21 I Found This Random Painting In A Thrift Store That Looks Unsettlingly Similar To Me

Image source: p1zzaforbreakfast

zububonsai : “I’d totally buy it if I were you.”

#22 Jack Black’s Twin? I’ve Been Called Him My Entire Life! If Someone On Here Knows Him, Tell Him I’m A Huge Fan And That He Looks Like Me

Image source: TheRealAtticus, TheRealAtticus

Anthony Nizza : “Which is which????”

#23 Googled My Name The Other Day And Found My Doppelganger From 70 Years Ago, Who Just Happened To Have My Same Name

Image source: zrunny

LaserBrain : “Probably your great-grandfather.”

#24 Server At The Restaurant Said: “Hey, There’s A Guy In The Kitchen That Looks Just Like You. Can I Bring Him Out?”

Image source: D4ng3rd4n

sbj : “You should have asked for staff discount on the meal”

#25 Einstein’s Doppelganger Found In A Random Supermarket, Egypt

Image source: SaifTaherIsGr8Again

Aldryx Andromeda : “Guys I’m tired. For a hot second I thought the person on the right was the doppelganger and to their left was the real Einstein.”

#26 My Parents (On The Left) Matching With Strangers From Their Cruise

Image source: RaRaRitty

Lady Lestrange : “Was there a dress code?”

#27 Andrew Zimmern And Myself At The 2019 South Beach Food And Wine Festival

Image source: EYEBOBdoYOU

Aldryx Andromeda : “Who is who?”

#28 These Two People Had Such A Similar Look It Was Uncanny

Image source: Jatacid

Thee8thsense : “Are you mocking me? Perhaps stalking me?”

#29 I Always Get “You Look Like The Guy From The Mummy”. What Do You Think?

Image source: prolific13

John : “Absolutely! Brendan Fraser!”

#30 Found My Slimmer Alter Ego On The Bus Stop Commercial

Image source: Atesz222

Lee Banks : “You absolutely Nailed the sly smirk.”

#31 In 1981, My Mom Had A Nanny Who Looked Like Mrs. Doubtfire

Image source: JankCranky

cat : “Love that movie! Miss the legend of an actor, though. 💙”

#32 Baldception?

Image source: reddit.com

Aldryx Andromeda : “At this point somebody had to have thrown a badly aimed Frisbee”

#33 Even Their Bags Are The Same. Not Enough Non-Player Character Design In The Matrix

Image source: Sankarapp

Cheryl Tber : “WHAM! Wake me up before you go-go…”

#34 Two Of My Friends Are Doppelgängers. They Lived 700 Miles Apart But Both Moved To Denver. Now They Are Adventure Buddies. DoppelDaves Do Denver

Image source: SoDakZak

Thee8thsense : “Dopple Daves digging the dandy diner.”

#35 I Have Been Told I Was Bryan Cranston’s Doppelganger Since Breaking Bad Started

Image source: breakingbadmrwhite

I went to San Diego for the Comic Con this past summer so I could see him and see for myself. I wasn’t disappointed. I am the op of this picture, that’s me on the left.

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