People Are Sharing Examples Of Things That Look Like Food, But Aren’t (30 New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

As kids, most of us tried to eat some ridiculous things simply because they seemed delicious to us. I’m talking about things like bouncy balls that looked like candy or chestnuts that looked like little chocolates. Thankfully, we grew up and no longer do these silly things… right? Well, apparently not. Turns out that with age we only became better at spotting these “forbidden snacks”, and someone even created a whole subreddit dedicated entirely to them.

People are sharing some of the funniest examples of inedible things that look like food to this subreddit, and don’t know how about you, but even knowing what those things really are still kind of makes me want to try them out for myself. Check out some of the most alluring “forbidden snacks” in the gallery below, and if you want more, see our previous post here!

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#1 Forbidden Everything

Image source: JPL_Reader

#2 Forbidden Mayonnaise

Image source: MrFluffytheLion

#3 This Rock Looks Like A Steak

Image source: DisclosedIntent

#4 Grape Agate From Indonesia

Image source: Yulinka17

#5 Forbidden Ramen

Image source: British-

#6 Carved Green Onyx Gemstone Grapes. I’m Salivating

Image source: Trolivia

#7 Still Can’t Believe It’s Not Ham

Image source: MTPROJECTS

#8 Manatees Being Fed Sweet Potatoes. While Looking Like Sweet Potatoes

Image source: chompthecake

#9 Sea Glass, Looks Like Candy

Image source: E-catherine

#10 This Rosso Levanto Marble Looks Like Raw Meat

Image source: The Geography

#11 Lately, I’ve Been Having A Craving For Grilled Cheese, Then I Noticed My Calendar And It All Made Sense

Image source: scroopiedoopie

#12 I Almost Ate A Praying Mantis That Was In My Salad

Image source: DirgeofElliot

#13 Forbidden Thanksgiving Turkey

Image source: theegoofball

#14 A Giant Broccoli

Image source: kaigaradotcom

#15 Forbidden Avocado

Image source: migraine_boy

#16 I Found A Rock That Looks Like Bread With A Bite Taken Out Of It

Image source: GamerLobster

#17 Forbidden Coffee

Image source: Faith_SC

#18 Pass Me A Banana. Actually, I’m Alright

Image source: danruse

#19 Juicy Pomegranate Seeds

Image source: oldernan

#20 Forbidden Crème Brulée

Image source: HPVD Photos

#21 Forbidden Fried Chicken (It’s Calcite)

Image source: rebelraf

#22 The Wood In This Tree Looks Like Spaghetti And Tomato Sauce

Image source: AwayState

#23 My Over-Baked Lap Croissant

Image source: Rosie RJ

#24 Forbidden Honey

Image source: jasminelg16

#25 Mmmmmm… Caramels

Image source: Mr_PoodlePants

#26 Caught Our Japanese Exchange Student About To Drink This Because It Says “Soda” And Has Fruit On The Label

Image source: McBeardedson

#27 Forbidden Ice Cream

Image source: JohnCenaAMA

#28 My Buddy’s Soap And Dish Look Like A Fried Egg

Image source: ronin_cse

#29 These Forbidden Oreos Are Actually Methamphetamine Disguised As Decorative Aztec Calendar Wheels

Image source:

#30 Vintage Forbidden Candy Identification Chart

Image source: LinkDude80

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