20 Funny Responses To Jimmy Fallon’s Prom Fail Challenge That Might Crack You Up

Published 2 years ago

Every high school kid waits for their prom eagerly and hopes for it to be one of the most special days of their lives. They plan for months to get their dresses right and practice dancing in the mirror.  However, not all prom stories turn out to be as perfect as expected. Sometimes things take a different turn and instead of feeling like a star, one might even feel like a clown! Well, at least clowns are funny! And hilarious prom moments often become entertaining stories that people remember for a very long time.

Jimmy Fallon recently posted a challenge in which he asked people to “Tweet out a funny or weird story about your prom and tag it with #PromFail.” People quickly started posting their funniest prom stories hoping to be a part of Fallon’s show. Scroll below to see some of the hilarious responses.

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