30 Examples Of People Failing Miserably In Geography

Published 2 years ago

The world is not small! There are around 195 countries in the world and every country has so many states with lots of big and small cities. It’s really difficult to keep track of everything on the world map. However, some geographical facts are so basic that even school kids would understand.

Some folks seem to be a little ignorant about geographical stuff. There are many examples on the internet that shows how some people might have failed their geography class. Today, we have collected some posts from the subreddit r/facepalm to show how some people are geographically unaware. Check them out in the gallery below.

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#1 European Airline Failed Geography

Image source: Your_one_man_

#2 Geography Is Tough

Image source: imgur.com

#3 Bye!! America See You… Never!

Image source: DOMINOEP

#4 Someone Failed Geography

Image source: McManus26

#5 Looks Like Someone Failed Geography

Image source: The_Aincrad_Prince

#6 And I Thought Americans Only Knew American Geography

Image source: SpinalElephant

#7 It’s Basic Geography *sigh


#8 Geography Is Important, Kids

Image source: regian24

#9 Geography Wasn’t Their Strongest Suit

Image source: DeificClusterfuck

#10 Someone Needs To Go Back To Geography Class…

Image source: howdopeoplemakethese

#11 East Virginia

Image source: LightningMcqueer1

#12 Geography Is For Weak

Image source: dwholefunk

#13 Geography

Image source: reddit.com

#14 How Many People Failed Element School Geography

Image source: anoobsearcher

#15 Geography Is Not Their Strong Suit

Image source: unabenjaminson

#16 Geography Is Hard

Image source: pjm9

#17 I Can’t Tell Whether This Is Satire Or Not But They Should Have Looked Up The Geography Of The UK Before Claiming Racism

Image source: 21stCenturyDelphox

#18 Is Not Good With His Geography

Image source: posturbem

#19 Geography Is Hard

Image source: gonzoletti

#20 Statistics Are Hard. So Is Geography

Image source: beerbellybegone

#21 Geography…

Image source: FrauleinSchnurrbart

#22 Geography Is African Hard Subject

Image source: PM_ME_UR_KNEE

#23 Geography Fail

Image source: OllieGarkey

#24 3 Different Geography Fails Along With Some Ebola Panic

Image source: Plowbeast

#25 Geography

Image source: regian24

#26 Rip Us Geography

Image source: katieporter13

#27 Geography Probably Isn’t Their Strongest Subject

Image source: NemesisCR

#28 Someone’s Failed Geography Class

Image source: Redstoneprime

#29 Geography Class Aint Gonna Go Well

Image source: Tiny_Monkey113

#30 I Think They Didn’t Pass Geography Class

Image source: regian24

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