25 Married Adults Share Little Things They Do To Keep The Bond Going

Published 1 month ago

Maintaining a relationship is like tending to a living entity—it needs constant care and nurturing to flourish. But figuring out where to begin can be daunting for some. Thankfully, inspiration can come from unexpected sources, like when Redditor u/Dani0873 posted online and folks responded.

In this heartwarming thread on r/AskReddit, members shared simple yet impactful actions they take to strengthen their marriages. From small gestures of affection to thoughtful communication, these insights offer a roadmap for anyone looking to enrich their romantic bonds. So, dive into the positivity that we hope resonates with you, while taking notes on cultivating love and connection in the future.

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#1 Do the chores. Seriously. All the love notes and cuddles don’t mean s**t if you leave your dishes by the sink.

Image source: dimlord, Amina Filkins / Pexels

#2 Assume positive intent. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of assuming someone did something intentionally to hurt you. 9 times out of 10 for us it’s a simple mistake/lapse in judgement. If it’s a serious issue/problem then talk it out and explain why it happened, how to not have it happen in the future.

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#3 Grab each other’s butts. When you are mad… SAY IT! Stop holding it in and resenting the other person. FORGIVENESS. This app is so quick to tell people to leave or divorce. Relationships are hard and people aren’t perfect. Love the person for who they are not who you think they should be.

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#4 Little gifts! My husband and I are like crows lol, if I find something small and shiny it goes to my husband, if he finds a neat rock it goes to me lol. It’s just one of those random little things that shows they’re thinking of you at sometimes the most unexpected times and it def always makes me feel more connected to my husband to both present and be presented with tiny knickknacks.

Image source: bri_2498, Liza Summer / Pexels

#5 Ask your spouse about their day when they get home every single day. Even if you’re not in the mood and aren’t 100% into the conversation. You’d be surprised (myself anyways) how much I retain even if I’m not 100% mentally engaged.

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#6 Solve problems don’t win fights.

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#7 Be excited about what they find exciting. He LOVES birds, ducks especially. We live on a lake, so he will see them in the water, and point them out. I never really cared, but looking out the window when he is like, ‘Oooh, that’s a canvas back!’ is not hard, and he finds more excitement in my acknowledgment.

Image source: Psychological-News57312, Andres Ayrton / Pexels

I can now tell what some of them are as they fly by when we are in the car, and his enjoyment is childlike (in a good way) and contagious. And now my house is decorated with (nice) waterfowl paintings. I would never have picked them when I was single, but he lives them, and at least it’s a theme.

#8 Being best friends was helpful. You can literally just hang out and enjoy each others company. Even with three teenagers, we find time to just hang out with each other. You’ll talk about the kids and work inevitable, but you’re also just spending time together. That being said…you also need to spend time apart. Girls night out. Guys golf trip. It’s learning to balance. If someone is trying to unbalance it, then you need to talk about that right away.

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#9  Whenever my partner mentions ANYTHING of interest, whether it is innocuous or an aside, something big or small, I add it to a private list I have. So whenever an event comes up (birthday, holiday, etc), I have a list of things that I know she would enjoy getting. This works for big gifts, small gifts, and everything in between. So if we have a gift budget of say $100, I can either get her 1 item for $100 or multiple items adding up to $100. Every time she is surprised and pleased with the gift(s). She was talking about a brand of *pencil* months ago that she loved and I got her a pack for valentines day + a book she has been wanting and she was elated.

Image source: ShneakySquiwwel, Dan Prado / Pexels

#10 I’m divorced but I’ll tell you something I did wrong and that’s kind of the same thing right? Anyway I never let my wife verbally know how much I appreciated her I took her out and got her gifts but I just never outright told her “hey I appreciate you and everything you do” so idk if that helps but.

Image source: ScooterMcdooter69

#11 We like each other. And act like it. A lot of couples seem to fall into a pattern of casual sniping and put-downs, which is uncomfortable to be around and I think erodes the relationship.

Image source: MaggieLuisa, J carter / Pexels

#12 Chores, nothing makes me feel more like I have an equal partner than facing the daily burdens together.

Image source: travmctts, RDNE Stock project / Pexels

So pick up after yourself, clean the litter box when it’s your turn, wipe down the table after you’re done eating, make the bed if you wake up later than me, do the laundry when it’s needed without waiting for me to tell you, and for heaven’s sake PLEASE DON’T WAIT UNTIL I HAVE TO ASK (the mental load is real people, please look it up).

#13 Flirt. A lot. I never want my spouse to feel unattractive or like he doesn’t deserve attention, especially as we get older or have been together for longer. Even if it’s not always meant in a “let’s have sex now” way, it always gets a giggle and it makes him feel good about himself, especially when I flirt with him in public lol. Even when went through a rough patch I never stopped hitting him with a “how you doin”.

Image source: Time_Tough6858, Pixabay / Pexels

And don’t be afraid to act like you like each other in front of other people, it isn’t cool to only compliment or be affectionate with your spouse behind closed doors.

#14 Small favors. I HATED getting a sibling something (like a drink) because it seemed they would purposely wait until I got up to ask for it.

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BUT for my husband and I, I never say no, and neither does he. And it’s always appreciated. He will even get up and refill my drink if he sees it getting low without me asking. And I really appreciate this little thoughtfulness.

#15 We don’t hold mistakes against each other. It’s not conducive to a lasting and happy marriage.

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#16 My wife who is 28 told me this past weekend that growing up she never did an Easter egg hunt, so she’s about to come home from work to an Easter egg hunt in the house. (Fake plastic eggs). I think doing fun things like this helps build our marriage further. I love her to pieces.

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#17 We always say thank you and show gratitude, even for the small things that are expected.

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– We never involve anyone else in our relationship, no parents, no friends.

– We often ask each other questions like “how are you feeling?” or “how did you sleep?”.

– We do most things together, even the meaningless things like going to get the mail and going to the grocery store.

– We share our hobbies. We have all the same hobbies and it’s so much fun!

– We always show each other casual small acts of affection. Random kiss, random hug, random butt slap.

#18 Listening to my wife. Really listening.

Image source: Joseph-Sanford, KATRIN BOLOVTSOVA / Pexels

#19 Love notes tucked away in lunch boxes.

Image source: Dazzling-Silver756, Manuta / Envato

#20 Humor and deep conversations about life.

Image source: Sukkulisboos666666, Priscilla Du Preez ?? / Unsplash

#21 Every day we lay down and hold each other tight for 5 minutes. No talking, no kissing or anything else. We both believe intimacy is crucial to a relationship and it can be as simple as laying down and holding each other tight for 5 minutes every day.

Image source: sneaky291, Toa Heftiba / Unsplash

#22 30 years together and we still really like each other. This wouldn’t work for everyone, but honestly our main goal is to make each other laugh.

Image source: WayOlderThanYou, Gary Barnes / Pexels

We both work on making sure the other person feels appreciated. My husband makes dinner every night and I thank him for it every night, usually mentioning something in particular—“Whatever you did to this chicken recipe was great. It was delicious.” We regularly ask each other things like “Is there something you need from me that you’re not getting from me?”

Also, and I’m not gonna lie, after spending time with other couples, we usually decide on the way home that we are nicer to each other and that we have more fun and then feel very smug.

#23 A couple should be a team, not opposing competitors! I hate any relationship advice that tells you how to ‘game’ your SO or the relationship.

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#24 A lot of cuddles. Whenever we’re in bed or on the couch we’ll find the time to snuggle.

Image source: CuckooPint, KoolShooters / Pexels

Occasionally stopping to just admire one another. Being very open about our wants/needs/desires, even if they seem weird.

Having little in-jokes. I have so many memories from when we’ve sat together, one of us playing Elden Ring and the other backseat driving, both providing commentary. It’s always fun.

#25 Know eachother’s strengths and weaknesses… and be a great team. My wife loves to cook but hates the prep and clean-up… So I help with the prep and clean up after we’re done. Also… Don’t fight about stupid s**t, not worth the bad feelings. Also… What ever the fight might be about, don’t go to bed angry. Make up before you wake up.

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