20 Funny Tweets Roasting Leonardo DiCaprio For Purportedly Dating A Teenaged Model

Published 1 year ago

Even for a normal individual without superstar status, dating someone 29 years younger is bound to cause a stir in society as it’s a rather unusual phenomenon. The age gap is massive plus there’s an increasing amount of study on the psychological impacts of such a union and on the art of grooming younger partners in relationships.

Look at the recent tell-alls that are gaining momentum as we speak, most notably Hugh Hefner’s favorite girlfriend, Holly Madison. As of late, she has been going public and revealing in hindsight all sorts of psychological traumas she endured as a result of that experience due to her naivete and gullibility at a young age. It just goes to show, no matter how worldly you think you are or womanly you may look, youth is still associated with lack of experience for a reason.

Being famous means you are opening yourself up to far more controversial judgement when trying to publicly take advantage of such a situation, just like Leonardo DiCaprio is experiencing with his latest conquest. The fact that she is 19 and he is 48 is causing quite the stir in the public eye and many folks have chosen to display their feelings on the subject through a tweet/meme roast and we’ve shared some of the best takes on the topic that we’ve seen below.

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