20 Times This Photographer Captured The Emotions Of Men While Watching Women Struggling With Giving Birth

Published 2 years ago

Childbirth is a miraculous thing but it comes with its own struggles. Labor pain is one of the most painful experiences a woman goes through. Even witnessing that pain can trigger some emotions inside a loved one.

Kirstie Perez is a birth photographer based in Dallas, Texas. The photographer captured the emotions of some men who were in the delivery rooms along with their partners.

“The one who watches on helplessly while the woman he loves, moans and howls through labor stages. While we have always put each other first, mother nature drifts in to place him in the backseat while he watches them transform into one other”, the photographer said on Bored Panda. Check out some of her powerful photos in the gallery below.

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Saumya Ratan

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