20 Memes That Might Amuse You To Some Degree

Published 11 months ago

When you’re feeling low, a quick fix to shake off the melancholy is to check out something funny. Studies have shown that just emulating the physical act of laughing can do wonders for the human psyche and that enjoying good humour works as a mood booster, energizer and mentally stimulates one to deal with fresh challenges. 

Since making time for light-heartedness is a matter of health the following series of posts found on a slightly entertaining content page may be just what the doctor ordered. Scroll below to enjoy some of the marginally comical memes shared by the popular subreddit, r/mildlyamusing and prepare to have a moderate chuckle. 

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#1 Cat Hat The Tigress Expression Down Pat

Image source: Gaza1121

#2 I Find Few Vanity Plates Clever

Image source: fightingdove

#3 Sums Me Up!

Image source: ordinarybloke1963

#4 Baby’s Crib

Image source: PiratiPad

#5 No One Likes Snow

Image source: licoricluv

#6 Oh, Uncle Jack

Image source: fuenches

#7 Okay, Okay, I’ll Stop!

Image source: leftanantcolonel

#8 Judging By My Heart Rate, My Apple Watch Thinks I Was Very Active On Wednesday. In Reality I Just Had A Long Panic Attack. Bet I Can Do It Again!

Image source: EvaRahRahRah

#9 Up-And-Coming Music Legends

Image source: userp_io

#10 My Leasing Office Sent Out A Note Saying Anything Left In The Common Area Would Get Thrown Out Due To Overcrowding Of Bikes And Shoes. This Was My Neighbor’s Response

Image source: JWolf886

#11 Get A Dog They Said. It’ll Be Fun!

Image source: Disaster_Plan

#12 This Morning I Saw This Actual Squirrel Listening To A Stone Frog Read Them A Book

Image source: Past_Organization_29

#13 This Woman’s Review Of A Litter Box On Amazon

Image source: reddit.com

#14 Car Salesman Closer

Image source: Diligent-Physics

#15 Space Invaders Floor Tiles In A Local Bar

Image source: Cessnateur

#16 Shared Disappointed. Glad I Never Saw This For Two Decades…can Never Un-See This Now

Image source: chrisjpostle

#17 The Perfect Fit On My Instagram Explore Page

Image source: Meerkatch

#18 Not How I Expected Him To Come Back, But Ok

Image source: Scorpionator33

#19 Girl Decided To Send Me A Sexy Text Message. The Preview Cut Off At A Very Unsexy Moment

Image source: RE_TARD1S

#20 Saw On Facebook Today. Felt It Belonged Here

Image source: Claud6568

#21 Well, It Fooled Me Too

Image source: -fluffs

#22 Watching Netflix When I Noticed I Had The Exact Same Digital Clock As A TV Show I Was Watching… And It Happened To Be The Same Time!

Image source: justneedtoreply

#23 Yep

Image source: Infinite_Tadpole452

#24 This Restaurant’s Guide For Washing Your Hands

Image source: Gurtmcsquirt

#25 When Viewing Buckingham Palace On Google Maps, The Street View Figure Turns Into A Tiny Queen Elizabeth!

Image source: katsie

#26 Supposedly A Girl In A Kindergarten In Poland Drew This As Her “Draw My Family” Picture. The Teachers Contacted A Psychologist, But It Turned Out That On Weekends, The Girl’s Entire Family Like To Scuba Dive Together

Image source: AmazingColossalMan

#27 A Note From My Wife

Image source: TheFourthAmigo

#28 To Look Dangerous

Image source: jesusismyupline

#29 Til If You Ever Lose Your Wedding Ring, Start Planting Carrots In Your Garden

Image source: rgaywala

#30 A Butternut Squash

Image source: gary6043

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