30 Mildly Infuriating Things That People Are Annoyed With, As Shared On This Twitter Page

Published 2 years ago

Sometimes, you stumble upon things that mildly infuriate you. For example, excessive packaging or fake pockets might annoy a person for a while and make them cranky.

Today, we have collected some of those mildly infuriating things to show just how annoying some random situations can get. From annoying paper straws to unbreakable jar seals, check out some of the most annoying ones in the gallery below.

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#1 In Case You’ve Ever Wondered Why Women Get So Frustrated With Our Clothing Sizes – Every Pair Of Jeans Pictured, Is A Size 12

Image source: chloemmx

#2 A Little Peek Of What We Find Dumpster Diving. Maybe A Little More Than Just “Mildly” Infuriating

Image source: hailey199666

#3 Multi Billion Dollar Businesses Asking For Donations

Image source: rebeccawatson

#4 But Why Tho

Image source: mkbhd

#5 I Just Want A Bigger Pocket Please, Is That Too Much To Ask For? Sincerely, Women Everywhere

Image source: Wonder0486

#6 This Only Happens When I’m In A Bad Mood

Image source: LegitimateShift8

#7 These Fake Pockets. They Went As Far Enough As To Put A Real Zipper On

Image source: __No__Control

#8 I Got This Bread From Whole Foods. More Like Hole Foods

Image source: igothitbyacar

#9 The Fact You Have To Pay At A Hospital Of All Places

Image source: hollyholowath

#10 Wanted To Buy A Sandwich At This Bakery. At First, I Thought It Was Sesame. Well It Was Not

Image source: cooljuulguy

#11 I Opened My New Sketch Pencils Today. Honestly, I Don’t Know What I Did To Deserve This

Image source: beany33

#12 I Don’t Understand How This Notice Can Exist

Image source: acurr530

#13 Hate It When This Happens

Image source: blastzonepod

#14 Why Does This System Exist?

Image source: jamcolley

#15 Whoever Invented These Teeny Tiny Tabs On Seals, You Are Not My Friend

Image source: reddit.com

#16 Paper Straws, The Most Useless Item Ever Created

Image source: jleex84

#17 The Amount Of Packaging Required For Me To Buy The Additional Equipment I Need To Use My iPhone

Image source: BeckburyWolf

All of this would have come in the phone’s box five years ago but Apple decided to stop including them to cut down on packaging and waste.

#18 Dave & Busters Spin Game Landed On The 500 And It Only Gave Me 4 Tickets. Showed To Manager And Said It Needed To Be In The Middle

Image source: Dohello

#19 My Disappointment Is Immeasurable

Image source: majecaps182

#20 It’s The Middle Of The Night And I Can’t Open This Cake Lid Without Waking Everyone In A 10-Mile Radius

Image source: CaramelXIII

#21 This Egg Peeling Fiasco

Image source: RedBeardMark

#22 In Hospital For 4 Days. Dot Missing On Tile

Image source: OutlandishnessHour19

#23 I See Your Bread From Hole Foods And Present To You My Croissant

Image source: ivobivo

#24 Manufacturers That Put These Labels On Their Products, Especially Food Products, Deserves To Step On A LEGO

Image source: lulustargaze

#25 “Stay Here For $61”

Image source: Mj118356

#26 No. Just No

Image source: sondesix

#27 I’m Just Trying To Refund Two Tickets

Image source: Pansexual_Paniccc

#28 Friggin’ Hate This

Image source: mostapha451

#29 Peeling These Things Off Always Annoys Me

Image source: jgeorge1983

#30 Ordered 27 Books From Amazon On A Single Order. Got 27 Boxes With 1 Book Each Delivered

Image source: sousaj

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