20 Photos Of Beautiful Miniature World Creations (20 Pics)

Published 1 year ago

One man’s journey to experiment with macro photography led to this beautiful collection of photographs capturing the beautiful miniature worlds he creates with little people to boot, just engaging in normal activities with real world things.

Shot from Chris Willemsen’s Nikon D800 camera using his macro lens, the little world pictures can sometimes take hours to create, he acknowledges. The most difficult part being, attempting to keep the correct depth of field (DOF) from the current distance. Therefore, he has to use stack photography to give it just the right look. We’re glad he spends so much time and effort on his creations as they are absolutely stunning. Scroll below for a look.

More info: werkaandemuur.nl | Facebook | Instagram

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#1 Reading A Book Between The Fungi

#2 Forest Walk



#5 Open Air Concert

#6 Car Accident

#7 Showing Love By Giving A Rose

#8 Beach Time At 1.5 Meter


#10 Dutch Hagelslag







#17 Backpack Travelers

#18 Mountain Climbing



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