30 Funny Posts Showing Two People Having Completely Different Attitudes Towards Life

Published 2 years ago

There are a variety of people in this world showcasing different personality traits. According to the Myers and Briggs type indicator that is developed on the ‘theory of psychological types’ proposed by C. G. Jung, there are 16 personality types. Although the MBTI test is a good indicator of one’s preferences and behavior, it’s not always accurate since human personalities sometimes change according to time and circumstances.

However, people can roughly be divided into two different categories most of the time. We often witness so many polar opposite people in our daily lives. We even live with people with completely different preferences and personality traits. Sometimes, the contrast between two people is so obvious that it seems hilarious. Check out some funny examples of “two types of people” in the world in the gallery below.

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#1 So, Which One Are You?

Image source: dadmann_walking

#2 There’re Two Types Of Kids On The First Day Of School

Image source: xMudxCrabx

#3 Two Types Of Girls At Parties

Image source: kavino

#4 Me And Our Dog And My Wife And Our Cat

Image source: mstrblueskys

#5 There Are Two Types Of IT Techie

Image source: thewhitedragon

#6 There Are Two Types Of People

Image source: evart83

#7 There Are Two Types Of People In This World

Image source: Doowstados

#8 My Sister And I Are Polar Opposites. Her Home vs. Mine

Image source: aalexandriabish

#9 People Are Different

Image source: AuthorAbbyJim

#10 Two Types Of People

Image source: DoggyDeVito

#11 Girlfriend And I Enjoyed The Illusion Museum Very Differently

Image source: Hello_Generic

#12 Two Types Of People (Artist vs. Programmer)

Image source: CapnTrip

#13 There Are Two Types Of People In This World

Image source: reddit.com

A rather boisterous evangelical Christian has been protesting at a local uni, so of course, some students had some fun with it. But the cop’s face takes it for me.

#14 Two Kinds Of People

Image source: MarkRuffalo, RobertDowneyJr

#15 Like Women On Halloween, There Are Two Types Of Men At The Renaissance Faire

Image source: McdonaldsHasWifi

#16 Two Types Of People

Image source: ljubljanski_gleznji

#17 Two Types Of People In Colorado

Image source: ParabolaMP

#18 My Sister: “You Can Do The Half-Marathon With Me! Trust Me, It’s Not That Bad”

Image source: Tina_R_Belcher

#19 Literally Both

Image source: averageIyjoe

#20 Moms vs. Dads

#21 There Are Two Types Of People

Image source: Lotua77

#22 Apparently There Are Two Types Of People At Christmas

Image source: StiffPiglet

#23 There Are Two Types Of Girls In A Bar’s Restroom

Image source: melitini

The difference between 31 and 21.

#24 My Neighbor And I Have Different Lifestyles

Image source: chalter

#25 Two Types Of Girls At A Party

Image source: theunsilentmajority

#26 The Two Types Of People Most Excited For Autumn

Image source: doorhinge9

#27 Photos I Take Of My Boyfriend vs. Photos He Takes Of Me

Image source: s-poon

#28 Two Types Of People In My Office

Image source: funkyjim

#29 There Are 2 Types Of Girls

Image source: millselle

#30 There Are 2 Types Of People In The World

Image source: savage-dragon

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