20 Most Widely-Spread Myths That Some People Still Believe, As Shared In This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

Believe it or not, flat earthers still exist! And so do their theories and arguments. There are many other myths and misconceptions that are scientifically proven wrong but people still continue to believe in them.

When a Redditor asked people “What is proven to be a hoax but people still believe it to be true?”, he received many replies from other users. Scroll below to read some of those answers, and let us know in the comments how many of these things you still believe to be true.

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Image source: Little-Revolution22

“The earth being flat. We have literally done studies, taken pictures, boiled all of that down to the level that a kindergartener can understand it, and some idiots still don’t get it.”


That vaccines cause autism.

Image source: henrirousseau, Polina Tankilevitch


Personal carbon footprint or any green initiative which focuses on individual action. BP invented the entire concept during a marketing push to hide the fact that like ~72 companies produce 90% of pollution.

Image source: rogthnor, Antoine GIRET


That you swallow 8 spiders a year in your sleep.

Image source: rentinghappiness, Pixabay


Different parts of your tongue don’t actually detect different types of taste. Your tongue is the same all over.

Image source: LadyLazaev, Jacinto Diego


Shaving making hair grow in thicker.

Image source: offbrandbarbie, Tima Miroshnichenko


To answer the question, vaccines being anything but safe and effective is a hoax that some people believe.

Vaccines are *by far* the medical intervention best-supported by evidence. Tens of billions of vaccines given to billions of people over the course of multiple centuries have proven them to be safe and effective. If you trust *any* part of medicine, you should trust vaccines.

I would hazard a guess that vaccines have saved more lives than every other medical intervention combined.

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B******t, b******t, b******t.
What do you think your liver and kidneys are doing all day? If they weren’t working you would be on a form of detox called dialysis.

edit: To clarify since it might not be obvious, I’m referring to pseudoscience detox teas and pills. Not medically justified detoxification like opioids, alcohol, acetaminophen, etc…

Image source: TheRealestDill, engin akyurt


The case of the woman who sued mcdonalds because she spilled hot coffee on herself. The hoax was that it was a frivolous lawsuit, that she was driving while drinking and she spilled the coffee on herself and just didn’t like it and sued mcdonalds and won a lot of money. But the reality was that she wasn’t driving, the coffee was extremely hot, people had already complained it was too hot, I don’t remember how she spilled the coffee, but anyway after spilling just a bit of it on her leg, she got severe burns on her leg and had to go to the hospital and go to the ER. If she had drunk that she could have suffered much more harm. All she wanted was for mcdonalds to pay for her hospital bill, they didn’t, and she sued them and won. Then either mcdonalds or it was a corporation that represented a bunch of corporations spread the hoax that some clumsy woman sued and won a lot of money because she spilled her coffee.

Image source: zelextron


Isn’t that whole Myers-Briggs personality test recognized as a complete fabrication.

Image source: DaybreakPaladin, Green Chameleon


That cracking your knuckles gives you arthritis.

Image source: SnooCompliments9257, Eren Li


Wolf hierarchy with alpha on top and omega at the bottom.

Image source: ThatOneWhoSparkles, Thomas Bonometti


The food pyramid.

Image source: sd2528, Happy Learning English


The Big Lie. The United States election for president was not rigged. There was no fraud in the voting process.

Image source: remsiw


“Catching a cold” from cold weather. It’s a pathogen. You catch it from people.

Though disease does increase in the winter. It’s commonly thought to be due to close quarters indoors and less Vitamin D from the sun, important for the immune system.

Image source: Yelwah, Pixabay


Crystals. They are just f*****g rocks. There is no scientific evidence proving that they have healing effect. Any possible effects are due to the placebo effect. People will actually go against medical advice because they think holding a crystal will fix all their problems.

Image source: flextape9989, Sierra NiCole Narvaeth



Edit: Scientologists are programmed to reply to this with “dOn’T yOu MeAn ALL ReLiGiOnS?” and try to do the all lives matter thing when someone says black lives matter to dilute the message.

It’s the internet age, cultists. We researched your tactics to put yourself on equal footing with actual religions. You are programmed by NLP, get help.

Image source: Manaleaking


Homeopathy. It’s water.

Image source: JacobDCRoss, Volodymyr Hryshchenko


That carrots improve your eyesight. I think it was used in the Great British blackout because there was a food shortage and carrots was the easiest thing to get. Don’t quote me on that tho.

Image source: West_Opportunity2255, Jonathan Pielmayer


If you pull out a grey hair three more grow in its place, my sister still believes this one.

Image source: GoopySpaff, shahin khalaji

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