Dubai’s $5 Billion Project Aims To Create A Huge Moon-Shaped Destination Resort For Tourists

Published 2 years ago

Dubai has become a canvas for creative architects these days. We already saw the prototypes of a futuristic mirror city and the downtown circle project around Burj Khalifa in our previous articles. This time, we are featuring the “MOON” project that aims to create a contemporary, fully integrated, technology-driven, unique destination resort.

Moon World Resorts Inc., a Canadian-based architectural design company, is popular for the most spectacular and innovative destination resorts. According to them, “MOON will be constructed to a LEED Gold five-star standard and operated at a five-diamond level. MOON will adhere to the highest global standards of environmental stewardship! MOON will welcome 10m+ annual guests, 2.5m of whom will be able to visit MOON’s signature attraction.”

The building will be used for various purposes- hospitality, entertainment, attractions, education, technology, the environment and space tourism. Its focus is on leading edge Architecture, Engineering, Design and Technology and it will also be an authentic training platform for various space agencies and their respective Astronauts.

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“Within MOON one will find a huge array of components which will integrate to deliver a seemingly never ending journey of discovery. MOON’s “signature attraction” will enable guests to experience walking on the lunar surface while exploring a vast working lunar colony. An amazing, out of this world attraction, MOON will form the “bridge” delivering an affordable and entirely authentic space tourism experience millions of enthusiasts around planet earth have been patiently waiting for; a chance to actually “participate”.”

Image source: Moon

“MWR will licence four MOON Destination Resorts around the globe (known as Regional Licences). One in each of the following regions, North America, Europe, MENA and Asia. For the MENA region MWR is considering the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and the KSA. For many compelling reasons the UAE would be logical with perhaps Dubai being the front runner; however, it appears Dubai’s current focus is entirely based on residential real estate projects rather than truly innovative and spectacular tourism growth type projects. There is nothing innovative in building a square box and filling it with a USA based children’s franchise models, that much duplicated product is everywhere! Waterparks and theme parks etc. are regurgitations the world over; in MWR’s humble opinion one must “dare to be different”!”

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