30 Suspiciously Morbid And Bizarre Facts That People Seem To Know

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Most of us are ‘fact hounds’; we come from a time where Trivial Pursuit was a fun family game played every week. In fact, even now it’s astounding how much random information is locked away in our brains just waiting for the right moment to resurface. However, while all that’s very normal, it seems there’s quite a lot of people out there who have gone a step beyond in curating their vast knowledge pool so far as to make us wonder, how does that person even know this? Well beyond the realms of acceptable small talk, the facts shared below are going to be revelatory, except for the doubts on how these people came by this information in the first place. That will continue to be a mystery for another day.

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#1 Half of all bank robberies take place on a Friday.

Image source: Munchynibbler, Netflix


Image source: RAK4N, Daniel Beilic

If you plan on using a baseball bat as a weapon, put a long sock over the end. When someone tries to grab the bat you can rip it away with ease and continue with the baseball beatdown

#3 The Machineel Tree is the deadliest plant in human history

Image source: anon, Hans Hillewaert


Image source: anon, Digital Buggu

This will get buried but – Don’t ever bury a dead body in an Area without any vegetation. The high nitrogen content in our bodies helps plant to grow and there will be a weird grassy patch at the top of burial Site and anyone would be able to spot it.


Image source: USSGloria, Brett Sayles

If you feed a human body to pigs, they will eat just about all of it except the teeth. Several murderers in rural areas have used this fact to their advantage.

#6 A human tooth has 36 calories.

Image source: MakDaddy7, Skinny Tie Media

#7 If you’re allergic to chocolate you’re usually allergic to cockroaches.

Image source: msbunsen, Derek Markham


Image source: DorothyDrangus, DVGah7

Back in the day, poor families would collect their urine so they could sell it to tanners. Hence, “p**s poor.”

If you were poorer than that, well, you didn’t even have a pot to p**s in.


That an empty kindle is actually slightly lighter (like we’re talking very very minuscule numbers) than a kindle completely filled with books which means that information in digital form has weight (electrons and protons and s**t) so then by that reasoning you can weigh the internet. Vsace did a whole thing on it and I watched it in sixth grade and are in college and still remember it. People don’t believe me so I tell them to look it up

Image source: anon


Most men who climb Mt. Everest or other very tall mountains experience an erection due to how the altitude impacts blood pressure.

Image source: Mogwai1313

#11 Blood bounces when it hits ice.

Image source: ChadeeS, Simon Berger


Image source: theknutcraker, Angela Roma

According to some cannibals, the most delicious part of the human body are the eyeballs, they like licking them.

Edit: I´m not the cannibal.

#13 Spinal fluid tastes like a mixture of bananas and a 9volt battery. And I don’t want to talk about it.

Image source: Aarondhp24, SHVETS production


So let’s say you wanted to make a sword, an average sword requires about 1.5kg of metal. So if you were to take the blood out of 600 humans, roughly 3,000 litres of blood, and extract the iron, you could smelt it down and create a sword with it. Then boom, a sword literally made out of your fallen enemies.

Image source: Welshyboiii


The best way to clean up blood without leaving a smell is salt. Just put salt and scrub, the salt helps the blood clump into pieces making it easier to clean too.

Edit: many of you asked about taking it off clothes, so… Baking Soda-Mix one part baking soda with two parts cold water in a bowl and dab onto the stain using a cloth. Leave for thirty to forty minutes, then wipe off all remaining residue. Lemon – To lighten dried-in blood, simply rub half a lemon over the stain and sprinkle some table salt on top

Edit 2: apparently it depends on the fabric ^ (I use that when I did RNA and got tired of purchasing new uniforms)

Image source: max_imo

#16  It is illegal to carry a fish suspiciously in the UK.

Image source: norman251, VICE

#17 That you should always use two hands to pick up a severed human head.

Image source: Personal_Article, Diana Light

Human heads weigh about as much as a standard-size bowling ball, but unlike bowling balls, they are not perfectly spherical. Therefore, gravity is not evenly distributed across the entire head so they have a tendency to topple out of your hand if you try to hold them with just one. And nobody wants to be the person who drops a severed head.


Opossums eat ticks like we eat potato chips. They’ll hoover up 5,000 ticks a week and never get lyme disease themselves.

Image source: plotthick


Image source: sit_giRL, Mojca J

Eating your boogers gives your immune system an extraordinary boost. Those who do rarely get sick- by ingesting very small amounts of foreign bacteria caught in the nose, the immune system forms necessary antibodies to fight that same bacteria when it’s dominating your coworkers.

Gross people FTW!


Image source: k-tard, Floris Mulder

When you are drowning in salt water, the salt water makes your lungs bleed and you end up drowning in a mixture of water and your own blood.

#21 Tarantulas taste like shrimp.

Image source: MrBulldops1738, Deo

I told this once to a random stranger because they brought up how they didnt like shrimp. They immediately hounded me about how I knew this.


Most victims in “survivable” plane crashes died of jet fuel burning and choking them. Smoke hoods could save hundreds of lives if installed on airplanes, likely many more than flotation devices since ditching is incredibly rare. BONUS: backwards facing seats would make a plane crash much easier to survive thanks to the g forces pressing you against the seat instead.

Image source: mistressmeow


Image source: elejh, archfapper

If you want to burn down a building, put potato chips in a toaster with a trail leading from the toaster to other highly flammable things. The potato chips leave no residue and the toaster will pop back up after the chips catch fire so there’s no way to find the start of the fire.

#24 It takes 72 balloons to lift a 5 pound chihuahua off the ground.

Image source: KHMeneo, buterbetterbater


The longest word in English. I have it memorized. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. It’s some sort of lung disease, if I’m not mistaken.

Image source: A_J_H


If you’re going to stab something, always make sure to stab and twist the knife. If you stab without twisting it will just leave a slit that can easily be mended. If you twist it leaves a hole that can’t be so easily mended.

Image source: Cannabilistichokie


if you drink bleach and survive, doctors will have to remove your stomach and esophagus, and extend your intestines to your throat like a tube.
and it has to go over your ribcage

Image source: anon

#28 Alcoholics decompose faster when they die.

Image source: Matt17908992, cottonbro studio

Source: was a crime scene cleaner.

Edit: So I posted this last night while falling asleep so here is some clarification: when people die they decompose, but people that are alcoholics will decompose faster than normal dead people.

Why? I have no idea. It’s been so long since I was in that line of work I just remember enough stories and facts to stay interesting.

Love yall.


That Denmark had an ad called “do it for Denmark” to try and increase their population.

Image source: abomb_95


Bones can be some of the most effective and terrifying shrapnel, second only to liquid copper. Bones splinter when you put them in bombs, and can do horrific amounts of damage to soft tissues. Liquid copper, on the other hand, which is not that difficult to get in an explosion, can get through almost any armor like it’s nothing. Learned that from a friend who did a tour in Iraq as an infantryman

Image source: rbailey1253

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