20 Not-So-Fun Facts That You Might Find Unsettling, As Shared In This Online Group

Published 3 years ago

The internet is filled with all sorts of interesting facts and trivia. And while some of them are uplifting, others can be weird or disturbing.

A few days ago, a Reddit user asked people, “What is a NOT fun fact?” and received many answers that might make you feel a little uncomfortable. Check out some of those answers in the gallery below, and if you want something a little more cheerful, see our earlier article here!

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Image source: YoutuberCameronBallZ

“If 2 male flat worms meet, they will sword fight with their penises until one loses. The loser will become female and they will mate.”


Image source: superbunnyblob

“The search and rescue dogs on 9/11 were getting so sad from finding only deceased bodies, the human helpers buried themselves in the rubble so that the dogs could find them and be happy.”


Image source: pepeman931

“There are more deaths due to mental health issues than all forms of violence combined. People are struggling.”


Image source: WrongJohnSilver

“A man once had a tapeworm get cancer. That cancer metastasized, and the man passed away from tumors of tapeworm throughout his entire body.”


Image source: barnorth

“The threat of a deadly bird flu spreading to humans is always there. It takes just a little bit of negligence in screening chickens for this to happen.”


Image source: ottersintuxedos

“In Australia there is a plant called the Gympie-Gympie which has such a severe sting that horses who brush against it throw themselves off cliffs because they’d rather die than continue to experience the pain.”


Image source: m00n-b4b3

“If you are an identical twin it is possible that you and your siblings identity’s were swapped and your parents never caught it.”


Image source: coreyboi66

“Quokkas, the worlds happiest animal, will throw their babies at attackers if threatened.”


Image source: iwastoldnottogohere

“A blue ringed octopus, found in the Pacific, is a tiny and cute little guy, but one painless bite gives enough venom to take the lives of 25 male adults.”


Image source: ABucketofBeetles

“Horses can’t throw up. So if they eat something bad or get a bad gas bubble, they just lay down and die.”


Image source: Hell_If_I_Care

“People with extreme scurvy start to have ALL of their old wounds open up. Everything with a scar is held together via an active process with collagen and without vitamin c just sort of…stop.”


Image source: Penkinvaltaaja

“It was once thought for birds (parrots, magpies) to learn to talk, you had to release their tongue. This was done by cutting their tongue completely or partly off, of course without any anesthesia or pain killers. The tongue release plays absolutely no role in the birds’ ability to talk.”


Image source: anonymous

“You can smell your own lungs. Your brain just filters out the smell.”


Image source: HunterSeparate651

“Most power outages in the US are caused by squirrels.”


Image source: mortokes

“There is a (genetic) disease called FOP where your muscles and tissue turn to bone. Often called “human statue disease”. Eventually people may have to decide whether they want to become “frozen” in a sitting or flat/standing position.”


Image source: InkMaster59

“Migraines and strokes carry a lot of the same symptoms so if you suffer regular migraines you may not notice you’re actually dying one day.”


Image source: MachuPicchu1232

“Spider – Rain (you read that right) is a real and naturally occurring phenomenon.”


Image source: zissouo

“A third of the world’s population live in areas that are projected to suffer extended periods of unsurvivable heat by 2070.”


Image source: hux_square

“The reason dogs love squeaky toys is because they sound like small animals dying.”


Image source: jjonesdagreat

“There is a non-zero maximum threshold for the amount of cockroach that can be present in ground coffee because it is literally impossible to keep them out entirely.”

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