20 Terrifying And Unsettling Facts That Might Send A Shiver Down Your Spine

Published 2 years ago

Here’s a fun fact – everyone loves a fun fact. But most people do not like to know about ‘unfun’ or disturbing facts. And I totally get it why some people avoid such stuff. The ‘unsettling facts’ have the potential to trigger unwanted emotions or to take someone to a dark place for a while.

A few days ago, someone asked on r/AskReddit, “What’s an unfun fact?” and received thousands of sad, weird, and disturbing answers that are not for the faint-hearted. Scroll below to read some of them at your own risk!

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Image source: 0verlyEnthusiastic

“Most animals will kill you before eating you, bears just start eating you.”


Image source: BigTallCanUke

“The most common cause of death for tall people is a heart attack, brought on by the fact that their hearts just naturally have to work harder than average to circulate all that blood through that larger body.

Left-handed people are most likely to die in an accident involving a power tool, because they’re all designed by right-handed people, for right-handed people.”


Image source: landertall

“More Americans died in 2 months from Covid19 than 10 years of Vietnam.”


Image source: Dave3012

“There is a whale called 52 Blue that only sings at that frequency meaning it can’t communicate with other whales. It is nicknamed the loneliest whale on the planet.”


Image source: PraisePancakes

“After experiencing the symptoms of Rabies there is no going back, you are dying 100%.”


Image source: Omny87

“When preparing a body for an open casket, the mortician will sew the person’s jaw shut (to keep their mouth from flopping open) and place special contact lenses on the eyes lined with hooks, both to keep the eyelid from snapping open due to shrinking tissues and to give the eye a bit more natural bulge, as the eye tends to sink into the socket after death.”


Image source: HeyHoLetsGo615

“One day the last person who knows your name will die and you will be forgotten. You could still be alive when this happens.”


Image source: ItsFiin3

“Only one in every 1,000 sea turtles born ever make it to adulthood.”


Image source: Captain-Cheesehead

“When your skin becomes red from spending too much time under the sunlight, it’s basically because your skin cells are committing suicide to avoid becoming cancerous.”


Image source: Artison5112

“From 1948- the end of the Cold War, there were approximately 5,000 close case scenarios in which Nuclear weapons were launched or detonated. The fact that we are alive is a statistical miracle.”


Image source: Behkeybeerkey

“There are only 2 states in the US that have outlawed child marriage. One of them only just put it into law a few weeks ago. 23 states don’t even have an age limit on marriage.”


Image source: Humanaut93

“A new mattress weighs about 90lbs, a used mattress weighs about 110lbs.”


Image source: lacedflame

“You might still be “it” from an unfinished game of tag.”


Image source: yo_gabba_gavin

“There are at least 8 nuclear weapons known to be missing.”


Image source: Fenius_Farsaid

“Fatal familial insomnia exists. It’s a rare, incurable prionic brain disease that progressively destroys your brain’s ability to sleep. Eventually, you stop sleeping altogether, go insane, have seizures, and die.”


Image source: Kvindertilsalg

“Child helplines are most busy day is Christmas Eve, because parents get drunk and what not. It’s so sad to think about.”


Image source: red_duke

“Judith Barsi, the little girl who voice acted Ducky in The Land Before Time was murdered by her father at age ten. All they found of her and her mother were charred remains. The father shot himself after.”


Image source: PM_Me_Nudes_2_Review

“That brain-eating amoebas exist at all and is also pretty commonly found in freshwater ponds and lakes. Apparently, only 4 people have survived getting it in the last 50 years.”


Image source: someguy73

“When the gas chambers were first assembled and experimented with at the Auschwitz concentration camp, the SS soldiers that oversaw the process found that the people inside would start screaming as soon as the gas agent was dropped in. The screaming was so loud that it could be heard through the thick walls of the building, and the victims would continue screaming over the course of 20 minutes until it gradually faded to nothing. The screaming disturbed the soldiers (believe it or not), so they tried to think of a way to drown out the noise so they didn’t have to hear it. Their idea was to get 2 motorcycles and rev the engines as loudly as they could at the same time during those 20 minutes. It didn’t work.”


Image source: Silverfox17421

“The youngest person to ever give birth was a Peruvian girl, Lina Medina, a Quechua Indian who gave birth to a child in 1939 at age 5. She had precocious puberty and had her first period at age eight months. She may have been raped at a debauched indigenous religious festival where people often brought small children and rapes were known to occur. The man who raped her was never found, and she was silent about how she got pregnant.

The delivery was by Caesarean as vaginal delivery was deemed impossible. Her son was told that he was her little brother, and she also treated him in this manner. Obviously, she was an incompetent parent, preferring to play with dolls rather than tend to the baby, but that’s to be expected. The case is well documented in medical journals, including photos of her pregnant body. It is also in the Guinness Book.

She later married, had another son, went to work for the physician who delivered her and lived a quite normal life. The son was healthy but died young at age 40. She and her family both refused all requests to speak of the case, including offers of significant sums of money. As of 2008, she was still alive at age 75 and living in a slum in Lima, Peru. If she is still alive, she would be 87 years old.”

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