30 Of The Most Random Fun Facts To Feed Your Brain

Published 2 years ago

Did you know that you’re more likely to win the Powerball jackpot (5 white and 1 red) than to get a perfect score by pure guessing in a 15-item four-choices (ABCD) multiple choice exam? Maybe you didn’t know that ants won’t die from falling!

Today, we present you with 30 fun facts that you aren’t really supposed to learn, but they’re great knowledge! So prepare to be amazed and learn something new. Perhaps you can remember these if you ever join a trivia game show in the future.

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Image source: vms-crot, Christopher Carson

The “little piggie” that went to market…

Wasn’t shopping.


Image source: FirstBankofAngmar, Olga Kononenko

A majority of near-death experiences(being clinically dead but brought back) are positive. Do with that as you will.


Image source: toigz, Richie Kohler

German submarine U-215. Sank during WW2. Didn’t decompress though. It’s still sealed on the bottom of the ocean with 49 people inside. I’ve always wondered what went down in there…


Image source: Rabid_Dingo, Benjamin Brunner

The world’s largest tire producer by total number of tires made is Lego.


Image source: kyoto_kinnuku, MD Anderson Cancer Center

There’s a surgery called a rotationoplasty where they remove the middle of your leg, then re-attach the foot (backwards) to your thigh so that your ankle can be your new knee for a prosthetic leg.

Seems gross but it really improves the quality of life over the other option, which is no knee at all.


Image source: MaxSnow21, wikipedia.org

When Haiti was fighting the French in a civil war the French send some polish to deal with it when they saw how the slaves were treated the Polish joined the Haiti revolution


Image source: TheShadowOfKaos, Robina Weermeijer

You can smell your own lungs. Your brain just filters it out.


Image source: VengeanceCookieX, Jack Kelly

Alligators don’t age biologically, they don’t die from old age, they die from starvation or a disease. Blew my mind.


Image source: n123breaker2, Marco Verch Professional Photographer

Ground cinnamon is technically sawdust


Image source: Luckylop77

Michael Jackson owned the original pair of scissorhands from the movie Edward Scissorhands .


Image source: KlutzieKelpie, Sarah Halliday

When a rooster crows it partially pinches shut its ear canals so it won’t deafen itself…


Image source: bluehatgentleman, Todd Cravens

A baby could swim in a blue whale’s veins. That’s how huge it is.


Image source: wheresmychin, Bagus Hernawan

If you ever see someone using an iPhone in a movie, they are not one of the bad guys. Apple requires as a condition of licensing their products for use in film/TV, that only protagonists are allowed to operate them on camera. So, if a character is using an iPad in a horror movie, they will not end up secretly being the killer.


Image source: Killerjebi, kalai venthan gopal

Dragonflies suck water up their butts and shoot it out like jets when they get tired.


Image source: AbsentLabRat, wikidata.org

There was a Finnish soldier named Aimo Koivunen who got separated from his unit. He had no food or weapons, and to avoid dying, took enough methamphetamine for 30 men. During his insane drug binge, he skied about 250 miles, passed over a landmine and survived, and caught and ate a bird raw. That’s just a few details, I recommend actually reading about this absolute legend yourself.


Image source: Zorops

In starship trooper, the actors agreed to do the coed shower scene only if the director got naked with them and he did.


The day that Michael Jackson’s hair famously caught on fire during the filming of a Pepsi commercial was on January 27, 1984, the 9,282nd day of his life. Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, and died on June 25, 2009, living to be 18,563 days old.

The day of his accident was the exact median day of his life. He had a literal mid-life crisis!

Source: justaddwater57


Baby kittens and puppies can’t urinate and defecate on their own. Their mothers lick their genitals and anuses to prompt them to do so and then also cleans it up. Most people don’t know this if they happen to be taking care of an orphaned young kitten or puppy so this it ends up being a cause of death for a lot of them. If you ever take care of an orphaned kitten/puppy or know someone who is you must use a damp paper towel or wash rag to wipe their bottoms until they urinate or defecate. ? *The More You Know* ⭐️

Source: DetectiveBennett


Lake Superior does not give up her dead. The waters of Lake Superior are so cold that the bodies and the majority of stuff from shipwrecks is preserved.

The Great Lakes (all of them) are basically just giant ship graveyards.

Source: Pranksterette


Your nipples are your perfect “natural lipstick shade”.

Do not recommend colour matching in stores though.

Source: chut2906


Octopus detaches and throws a modified arm penis covered with sperm at their mate.

Source: IrishStubborn69


Between 1913 and 1914, Sigmund Freud, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Emperor Franz Joseph, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Leon Trotsky lived in Vienna within 4km of each other. Talk about sitcom idea!

Source: plan3s


The story of “Beauty and the Beast” was probably based on the tragic life of Petrus Gonsalvus.

According to Refinery 29, in 1537 there was a young boy named Petrus Gonsalvus who was regularly called a beast. Reportedly, this was most likely because he had a case of hypertrichosis, a condition that causes a person to grow hair all over their body, often referred to as “werewolf syndrome.”

Gonsalvus was just 10 years old when he was taken from his native country, Spain, and sent to the King of France to operate as a type of court jester. “King Henry decided to take on Gonsalvus as his little pet project,” Refinery 29 wrote, “the king groomed Gonsalvus to be a nobleman.”

Eventually, King Henry’s wife, Catherine de’Medici (who took over after the king died), found Gonsalvus a wife — coincidentally another woman named Catherine. Though it took some getting used to, the beauty fell in love with “the beast.” They were married for 40 years and had seven kids together, four of which also had hypertrichosis.

Source: sjoep21


Cleopatra was Greek, not Egyptian or African

Source: TheRed_Knight


Lucille Ball helped bankroll the first script and episode of Star Trek

Source: WolfThick


Netflix has trouble recommending you titles after viewing Napoleon Dynamite

Source: PhilSpectorr


Queen Victoria gave the rights of her will to her physician who she trusted more than her family. The royal family is still trying and failing to get the will from the doctor’s family.

Source: LordJaebus


Before he became president, Abraham Lincoln was an elite wrestling champion. In 300 matches, he only lost one. Bonus fun fact: He was also a licensed bartender.

Source: thatirishguy0


A man named Louie le prince is technically the first person to invent a motion picture camera ( movies) however he went missing during a train ride and was not able to show his invention before Edison.

Source: sockgoblinator


Dr. Seuss invented the word nerd.

Source: omegasix321

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