20 Mums Reveal What They Would Want The Most This Mother’s Day

Published 1 year ago

While Mother’s Day rapidly approaches, it bodes well for us to remember to take a moment to shower our moms with love, care and respect. Maybe gift her something she will be happy with to show her our appreciation. So, one Redditor got online to ask the mothers themselves directly, what they want for Mother’s Day and the answers were quite enlightening. 

Scroll below for a range of answers from the most obvious to the most touching and heartfelt received. Serving to remind us why a mother’s love is still considered one of the most amazing and selfless of all. 

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Image source: mrschukchuk, Ogo

To not have to hide in the bathroom to eat ice cream or sweets by myself. My 3 year old can hear the wrapper on a Klondike bar from a mile away.


Image source: Gingerpants1517, Los Muertos Crew

A clean house, a long nap, and to not have to see my mother-in-law this year. It always turns into her day but hi, I’m a mom too.


Image source: anon

A day alone. A whole day. To sleep in. To shower as long as I want. To nap. To drink my tea and coffee HOT. To go to the bathroom uninterrupted. To nap again. To peruse through the shopping centre at my own leisure. To not be bombarded with a million questions (majority of which are “Why?”).

*I love my kids. But f**k I would love just one day off.*


Image source: ladyughsalot, Humphrey Muleba

A large spliff. An afternoon alone with the dog on a forest trail. A steak dinner and a bath with a movie in a clean house.

I’m a simple woman LOL.


Image source: RedDeadRedditGirl, Andrea Piacquadio

An hour or two of total and complete silence.


Image source: anon, Valeria Boltneva

For my husband to go down on me again at least once.


Image source: whtgrlxtrm13, JÉSHOOTS

I wanna go to Target alone and get Starbucks and live my best basic b***h life for two hours.

Also, I wanna bang my hot husband. He’s the reason I’m a mama.


Image source: mommy_iy, Gary Barnes

A clean house, solid uninterrupted d**k down from my husband and dinner I dont have to cook or clean up. Not in any particular order.


Image source: AbJ1622, Craig Adderley

I’d really just be excited to get uninterrupted sleep for a night.


Image source: mydearmrsrobinson, RODNAE Productions

I want a house that stays clean for more than an hour, a meal I didn’t make that I dont have to clean after, and a lovely day with my children and husband without having to worry about spending money. And chocolate, and a nap I don’t have to set an alarm for.


Image source: tastinginstereo, cottonbro studio


Someone to come deep clean my house.

Someone to cook me dinner while I sit on the couch with a drink.


I have a 17 year-old daughter, and I’m a single mom. I’d like to be able to sleep late (she could feed the dog & put him outside, and make her own breakfast). Then I’d like a letter from her saying she loves me, and remembering some of the times we’ve enjoyed or that I helped her

I became a single mom by adopting my daughter when she was 2. I remember how hurt I used to feel on Mother’s Day back when I was discouraged that I might not ever have a child. And honestly, I think of my child’s birth mom, too, on Mother’s Day (she is deceased), and I know it’s a bittersweet, mixed-up feelings kind of day for all adoptees, birth mothers, and adoptive mothers.

Image source: memphisperson


I had a miscarriage because my medical care providers refused to listen to me. My uterus pressed on the lines to my bladder and gave me an infection (really simple and common thing to happen durring pregnancy its completely treatable and should never be more than a mild inconvenience) I went septic and we almost died together.
What I want for mother’s day is for women and especially women of color to stop receiving medical care worse than that of a third world country.
If I get a second request it would be universal healthcare. I’m over 16000 in debt for someone who attempted to kill me and my child. This is insane and I have no way of paying it. Even if I did why would I want to? Everytime I receive a bill it makes me break down in tears in a combination of “I lost my baby” and “I can’t afford this”

Image source: InsomniacDreamz


Image source: eightiesfan, Alex Green

Debbie Downer here, but as a mom to a recently stillborn son all I want is to be acknowledged as a real mother.

Edit: oh wow, thank you all so so much… feeling like a mom after loss is something I struggle with a lot and I know I’m not going to be the only mom without a baby in her arms this Mother’s Day. If there’s anyone in your life in my shoes I encourage you to reach out with the same love and support you’ve shown me as this may be a very tough time of year for them.


I actually want my husband’s cancer to vanish so we can continue enjoying our family and each other. I’m so scared of losing him.

Image source: im2bizzy2


Image source: UnfairCanary, Quang Nguyen Vinh

I want to spend the whole day with my 2 year old somewhere fun for two year olds.

I’ve been so poor for so long that my one mom wish is having the $20 or whatever and an Uber to take him to one of those awesome toddler playgrounds.

I know it’s dumb, but seeing his face every time he gets to have a new awesome experience (like swimming, or the egg hunt I did for him last week) he gets this expression, like the sun just came up for the first time.

I’d go pluck the moon for him to play with if I could.

But hey, I just started a job and I might get paid just in time for Mother’s Day.

My mom is dead, but what I wish I did with her is take her for new experiences. I used to do the “buy mom a maid service” thing, or buy mom flowers, but I wish I had taken her for flying lessons or cooking classes or some memory like that.

Call your moms, people. Go do things with them. I didn’t think I’d lose mine by 25, and it happened so fast.

Edit: I think Reddit might have done it again! If it all works out I’m going to take us to the toddler playground AND the aquarium. His little mind’s going to be blown; I’m so happy :)


Image source: AtThisMomentTheSky, Matilda Wormwood

A professional housecleaning service to come and clean my house. I honestly think most moms would love this.


Image source: __mamabear, Pixabay

One night in a hotel to sleep….and to come home to a clean house that wasn’t cleaned by me.

EDIT: k WOW, this really blew up. A silver and GOLD?!?
To those saying something about my relationship and me doing all the work. My husband cleans (and cooks and does laundry) lol but moms everywhere know it’s not the same as when we clean. When my babies wake up in the middle of the night they’re not looking for daddy, they want mommy. That is all.?


I want a picture of my son and I. I’m a single mom, so all of our pictures are selfies. I would love for someone to offer to take our picture.

Image source: oliversmamabear


Image source: GarnettGreen, Caleb Oquendo

I want to go to the park with my husband and son. Maybe go out for lunch somewhere together. And I don’t want to be the one to have to initiate things we do together as a family.

I’m editing to add this because I have gotten comments that make a good point: It’s a good idea to be appreciative of any attempts by your partner when s/he makes an attempt to plan things. The best way to encourage this behavior to reward any little attempt they make rather than complain when they do try.

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