20 People Who Clearly Lied About Their Kids Being “Woke” Online

Published 1 year ago

We all want our progeny to be better than us in every way, but it’s definitely not fair to put that burden and pressure on them in any way. The following online posts have gone a step further in that the parents have decided to blatantly exaggerate their tot’s actions as extraordinarily woke or evolved behaviors and posted it online. Redditors have an entire community dedicated to such “Woke Kids” from which we’ve chosen a select few which are unbelievably hilarious and shared them below for your entertainment.

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#1 What A Gentleman

Image source: BHarcade

#2 Grandma Made Up A Fake Homework Assignment To Own The Libs

Image source: CapitalCourse

#3 Painfully Fake

Image source: dwaynetheakjohnson


#4 And All Of Gondor Clapped

Image source: gabriellackelly

#5 Ok Then Jasper

Image source: HollyBriden

#6 Of Course Emma Wrote That

Image source: sliwunia

#7 Folding Laundry, Being Woke, And Cackling. Work Done

Image source: neelajan

#8 Woke 4/Yr Old. White Man Bad

Image source: AnnLesbyPhD

#9 First Graders Are Known For Thought-Provoking Sociological Commentary

Image source: choo_ek

#10 Eight Year Old Kids Definitely Care About This Stuff

Image source: TrashClear483

#11 And Then He Joined The Foreign Legion

Image source: relaxi777

#12 And Then All Of Their Future Therapists Clapped

Image source: Anakinsmama

#13 Damn Right

Image source: reddit.com

#14 Ballsy (Or ‘Flatsy’ Since Kiddo Is A Flat-Earther) Statement

Image source: Even_Aspect_2220

#15 Mom & Dad Please Ban Gas Stoves!!

Image source: thinkbox

#16 Kid Has Got A Point

Image source: KillerPossum989

#17 Yep I Bet She Did

Image source: OVBrewer

#18 It’s Mushier Than That

Image source: RanaAwdish

#19 Finally Found One In The Wild!

Image source: panagis21

#20 Everyone Clapped And Asked For Consent

Image source: axfxq

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