This Duo Is Recreating Scenes From Movies In The Same Places They’ve Been Filmed (10 Pics)

Published 3 years ago

Secret Famous Places is a project started by German couple Judith and Robin back in 2018. In it, the duo travels around the world looking for the original places where famous movie and TV show scenes were filmed, and then try to recreate them as closely as possible. Their project already has over 46k followers on Instagram, and their dedication is truly inspiring.

Judith and Robin actually came up with the idea for the project back in 2014 when they were thinking about potential holiday destinations. “At this point in time, we were students and we wanted to do something special but we didn’t have so much money. Suddenly we had the idea that we could visit filming locations,” explained the couple.

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#1 Game Of Thrones / Gaztelugatxe, Spain

#2 We Visited “Dark” In Potsdam And Both Actors Shared The Picture On Their Insta

Of course, capturing these photos is no easy task, and it often depends on the weather, while other times it’s very difficult to find the exact place, explained the couple. “It can be that we are searching for days. And in some cases, the costumes are so difficult that we need a lot of time to find a good solution,” said Judith and Robin. “At first, we always ask friends and family if they have something like the actors are wearing. Other times, we do our worn clothes. And sometimes we have to buy something.”

#3 Star Trek / San Francisco, USA

#4 The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty / Seyðisfjörður, Iceland

The couple says they try to do every movie or TV series they like, and so far their quest has taken them all around the world, from New Zealand to the USA. Check out more of their amazing movie scene recreations below!

#5 Hunger Games / Berlin, Germany

#6 Harry Potter / Glen Etive, Scotland

#7 Dark / Potsdam, Germany

#8 Twilight / Montepulciano, Italy

#9 Tenet / Italy

#10 James Bond / Venice, Italy

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