Flowing Water Completes These Bronze Fountain Sculptures

Published 8 years ago

Sculptures tend to be a very static form of art that captures one exact moment for the entirety of its existence. But Polish sculptor Malgorzata Chodakowska has decided to break up that notion and infuse her sculptures with life.

Malgorzata does this by implementing flowing water in her works: “My fountains spread the pure joy of life, combining the element of water with the raw material – bronze,” the sculptor told Bored Panda. The artist uses 30 years of sculpting experience when she molds every piece out of clay before she covers it with bronze: “It takes me up to 2-6 months to complete a sculpture, depending on its complexity.

More info: skulptur-chodakowska.de (h/t: boredpanda)

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DEU, SACHSEN, Dresden, 26.11.2014: Engel, Brunnen, Springbrunnen, Skulptur, Plastik aus Bronze von Malgorzata Chodakowska vor schwarzem Hintergrund, entstanden 2014, 181 cm hoch, Fluegel aus Wasser; losdif - copyright by Lothar Sprenger [Telefon: 0351-8048012, Funk: 0170-5250109, mail: lo.sprenger@t-online.de, Anschrift: D-01187 Dresden, Bienertstrasse 33a; Veroeffentlichung nur mit Autorangabe, Belegexemplar und gegen Honorar]



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