People Shared 33 Uncomfortable Nature Photos For The 10 Year Challenge

Published 5 years ago

As people are sharing the #10YearChallenge to get a few laughs, others decided to use this viral challenge as a means to get an important message across. They started creating before and after pictures of nature using the hashtag and the pictures will remind you of the side of nature we often tend to forget.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of ’10 year challenge’ pictures showing the most dramatic changes in nature and some of them are truly shocking. From massive deforestation to melting ice caps, the terrible change is already happening and only we can stop it.

See the #10YearChallenge pictures of nature in the gallery below.

h/t: Bored Panda

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Image source: gisele


Image source: Greenpeace


Image source: carbonconsult


Image source: akanoodles


Image source: Tony Costa


Image source: dicapriofdn


Image source: TheOxygenProj


Image source: BiIndia


Image source: KingMufasah


Image source: MBabiychuk


Image source: WWF.Philippines


Image source: youth4wildlife


Image source: brinkleydavies


Image source: lifegate


Image source: ALejo Patmat


Image source: bsisomphane


Image source: karunworld


Image source: greenpeace


Image source: ecosapiens_col


Image source: simongerman600


Image source: Shubham_singh96


Image source: DrKbythebay


Image source: TechnoFails


Image source: rashidajones


Image source: juanacalvete


Image source: DanJRubin


Image source: LucasdiGrassi


Image source: rajatraihanda


Image source: MTreesLA


Image source: ImRo45



Image source: ghwildlifesoc


Image source: GlobeIcon

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