Tired Of Slut-Shaming Meme This Girl Shows How Naughty Her Great-Great-Grandmother Was Back In 1890

Published 7 years ago

Apparently, this generation isn’t that much worse than the ones before when it comes to modesty. Or, specifically in this case, nudes.

A lot of us had a little giggle looking at the “picture of your grandmother: now and then” meme, which pokes fun at how different the norms of modesty were in the beginning of the last century compared to the modern-day. However, tumblr user ‘galusrostomegalus’ shared a funny story about her great-great-grandmother (yes, that’s the right number of “great’s” there) that makes one reconsider whether or not things have actually changed.

Scroll down to read the anecdote and next time be careful when going though your family photo albums…

More info: tumblr (h/t boredpanda)

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