New Crazy Trend – Armpit Tattoos

Published 7 years ago

You’ve heard that once you begin tattooing your body, there’s no way you can stop doing it, right? Moreover, the further you go, the stranger your desires get.

Originally tattoos were used as means of body decoration and mainly protection from evil spirits. But centuries past and today only the decorative element of tattooing got into masses.

The latest trend in the industry of tattoos is armpit tattoos. The weird thing that a lot of newcomers to the subculture of tattooing start exactly from this area of their body. The strange it is because according to tattoo masters, armpits are the most painful places to make tattoos. But people, and mostly women. don’t care about pain – they want their armpits to look nice. Below you can find several examples of armpit tattoos that are true masterpieces!

The most common pictures that you can find under people’s arms are flowers, some abstractions and animals.

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And a couple of funny examples to elevate your mood

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