30 Memes And Jokes About Nordic Life That May Make You Wanna Move To Norway Permanently

Published 1 year ago

If you aren’t too familiar with the country that introduced the idea to use salmon in sushi to the Japanese, here’s your chance to change that. Keep reading as we share a series of Nordic jokes and memes along with posts related to anything in Norway.  Taken from the aptly named online group, “Norway” which has over 280K followers, these interesting posts shed light on the Nordic way of life. 

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#1 A Village In Norway

Image source: JPPT1974

#2 Why Is Norway So Good At Winter Olympics?

Image source: VariationLost3244

#3 Norway – Here I Come!

Image source: Spisepinne

#4 Narth Dall Yun Juh

Image source: magicwolfdog

#5 The American Dream

Image source: SadFrodo401

#6 Saw This On R/Sweden, Thought It Would Fit Here Too

Image source: noobcorni

#7 Look Out For Us

Image source: sillychillly

#8 Norway Here I Come!!

Image source: SadFrodo401

#9 No Lies Detected

Image source: Scandinaaier

#10 Getting Started With Norwegian

Image source: paaland

#11 Happy Winter Solstice!

Image source: reddit.com

#12 Highspeed Car Chase Through The Streets Of Norway

Image source: mnatas

#13 During Our Army Patrol We Came Across This Mf

Image source: TheEmpireLifts

#14 18th Century Built, Hattfjelldal Municipality In Norland, Norway, One Of The Oldest Buildings!

Image source: JPPT1974

#15 Helt Nøyaktig

Image source: OptioMkIX

#16 Grew Up In Sweden And Didn’t Know That Views Like These Existed Right Next Door

Image source: neggt

#17 Odda, Norway

Image source: AlBalts

#18 Its All Norway

Image source: Mitrax27


Image source: bishybishhh

#20 I Hope Ww3 Does Not Happen

Image source: Movie_Advance_101

#21 When You Live In Svalbard, Norway And Forgot To Close The Window To The Home Office

Image source: ahmtslmz

#22 Only In Italy

Image source: TheGuySwag

#23 99%

Image source: Stoffen22

#24 Anyway

Image source: Gypsy-Jesus

#25 Far-Right, Anti-Immigrant, Islamophobic Mp To Sit Next To The First Mp With Hijab For The Next Four Years

Image source: Sky_Office

#26 Religiosity At An All Time Low In Norway

Image source: nilsp123

#27Elsker Dere Alle

Image source: WingsOvSorrow

#28 Take It From Loen Skylift

Image source: UAE_Sniper

#29 What Ever Makes You Happy Man

Image source: Gypsy-Jesus

#30 This Country Is Safe

Image source: FellowOfHorses

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