“Not Like Other Girls”: 20 Embarrassing Moments From People Who Tried Too Hard To Look Cool

Published 9 months ago

We’ve all been there before, trying to impress our friends or crushes by doing something cool, only to end up embarrassing ourselves. But some people take it to the next level and become the epitome of cringe. 

These moments may be embarrassing in the moment, but they make for hilarious stories and memories according to the ‘Not Like the Other Girls‘ subreddit, that we can all laugh about later on.  So next time you try to appear cool, remember to keep it simple and don’t take yourself too seriously.

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#1 Been Seeing This Woman’s Tweets A Lot

Image source: lilpepperoniz

#2 She’s Got Like 6 Days To Eat All Of That

Image source: brinklywolls

#3 Did You Win? Do All The Men Like You Yet?

Image source: pearlythingz

#4 Not One Of The Kardashians

Image source: _mirikushi

#5 Golden Skin Shimmering In The Summer Sun

Image source: SecondBestPolicy

#6 Found In The Wilds Of Instagram

Image source: danger_noodle5

#7 Okay Then Make Friends With Girls Who Want To Do This???

Image source: miscellaneousbean

#8 Found On Facebook

Image source: BCTrader88

#9 This Probably Doesn’t Fit Here But

Image source: maryssaa_

#10 Tell Me You’re Insecure Without Telling Me You’re Insecure

Image source: AffectionateLand4518

#11 Found One In The Wild

Image source: memiorsofaweeaboo

#12 Im Not Like Other Girls Because I Love Harassment And Have A Real Womb

Image source: reddit.com

#13 “I’m Not Like Other Girls I’m Sick In The Head”

Image source: blueberrycameleon

#14 Found One Out In The Wild

Image source: tonyLumpkin56

#15 A Facebook Gem Shared By A 14 Year Old Girl

Image source: tomagoshy81

#16 I Drink Beer, Not Fruity Drinks!!

Image source: rephstohn

#17 Some Of You Honestly Just Use Nlogs As An Excuse To Flex Your Inner High School Bully, It’s Nasty And Awful

Image source: Riverendell

#18 Someone Actually Made This List On Twt

Image source: bubblegum_bitch03

#19 Apparently Only This Girl Wants To Get A House

Image source: Bluekyxo

#20 So Cute And Quirky !!! Gross, Men Have Feelings? ?

Image source: VelvetyCompassion

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