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Nuclear Tourism In 1950s Las Vegas

Published 7 years ago

The nuclear bomb hit the height of its fame when the USA used it to bring World War 2 to a sudden and devastating conclusion. But in Las Vegas, the nuclear bomb continued to be popular with a certain type of people – Nuclear Tourists.

In the 1950s the Nevada Desert was home to the most active nuclear testing in the States, where over a period of 4 decades a staggering 928 tests were carried out. What remains are dozens of craters that litter the vast stretches of desert and this handful of photos that serve as a reminder of the nuclear holiday in Sin City.


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Model Posing In Front Of A Nuclear Cloud


Image source: Las Vegas News Bureau

Nuclear Tests Were A Rather Ordinary Part Of Life In Las Vegas


Image source: Las Vegas News Bureau

Miss Atomic Bomb Of Sin City


Image source: Las Vegas News Bureau

Bombs Over Fremont


Image source: Las Vegas News Bureau

Fashion Of The Atomic Age


Image source: Las Vegas News Bureau

Reporters witness the nuclear test on Frenchman Flat, June 24, 1957


Image source: Las Vegas News Bureau

Just A Few Moments To Get That Perfect Shot


Image source: Las Vegas News Bureau

A Bright Flash From The Nuclear Blast…


Image source: Las Vegas News Bureau

…And A Pillar Of Smoke That Follows


Image source: Las Vegas News Bureau

Nevada Test Site Employed Nearly 100,000 Men And Women


Image source: Las Vegas News Bureau

Nuclear Tests Would Draw In Hundreds Of Spectators…


…And Leave Something For Those Who Missed It


Image source: Las Vegas Sun

Birds-Eye View Of Dozens Of Craters Dotting The Yucca Flats


Image source: Las Vegas Sun

Feeling nostalgic? Then take a look at these romantic moments happening in the middle of World War 2.


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