25 Awkward Moments Straight People Forgot That The LGBTQ+ Community Exists

Published 2 years ago

Unless you are Patrick, the starfish, there’s no excuse for you to be living under a rock. It’s the 21st century, and some people are still unaware that the LGBTQ+ community exists today. Whether they’re oblivious by accident or simply don’t want to accept the truth and act ignorant about it is a question for a public debate.

Reddit and Twitter are there the most of these awkward conversations happen. Take a look at the selection of screenshots of the times that straight people completely overlooked the fact that LGBTQ+ people are actually a part of society.

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#1 There’s No Bi In Team (Link To Thread In Comments)

Image source: _TallieRose

#2 Where Are Their Wives

Image source: mattxiv

#3 We Exist Solely For The Satisfaction Of Straight People

Image source: Aris-Totally

#4 They’re Gay Harold

Image source: TryParking316

#5 Brah

Image source: RachChamp_

#6 Who’s Gonna Tell Them

Image source: AdrienneACox

#7 People Are Gay, Steven

Image source: Explainer003

#8 “Mila With Her Classmate” Written On The Backside; My Grandmother Is On The Left; C. 1950s, St. Petersburg, Russia

Image source: haskittens

#9 Ultimate Gal Pals

Image source: piratekangs

#10 Let’s Go, Lesbians

Image source: LilliputianMouse

#11 Finally Found One In The Wild

Image source: alexisprofessional

#12 Well, Why Would She??

Image source: ggtrollster

#13 That’s How Long Y’all Been Married Or?

Image source: und3rta1e

#14 Yup… Just Friends

Image source: TheCoonManYT

#15 For Those Afraid To Tell Their Doctors Their Sexuality. We Are Taught To Treat Everyone And Keep Our Opinions To Ourselves

Image source: despistada

#16 Ah Yes Nothing Like Getting Rejected By An Old Married Lesbian

Image source: LilliputianMouse

#17 But Boys Don’t Get Periods?

Image source: _DonkeyPigeon_

#18 Ikr

Image source: _Username-Available

#19 Lovely Bit Of Sportswomanship On Display By Sam Kerr And Kristie Mewis

Image source: NotableMr

#20 “My Daughter And Her Best Friend / Room Mate.” – Worried Parent

Image source: WhoAm_I_AmWho

#21 Vivianne Miedema – All Round Legend

Image source: golfbuggysareawesome

#22 Good Friends

Image source: Trey_Explainer

#23 “I Think Emily Dickinson Was A Lesbian”

Image source: fairydreamys

#24 Aunt Pat And Her “Roommate”, 1986

Image source: Snukes42Q

#25 And They Were “Color Enthusiasts”

Image source: finnsatch

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