25 ‘Oddly Specific Shirts’ That Made Viewers Do A Double-Take

Published 4 months ago

I love choosing specific t-shirts based on the interesting slogans that can be randomly found on them but some people can be quite unaware of what message they are wearing. Today we explore a fun collection of images found on the ‘Oddly Specific Shirt‘ community. 

Scroll below to check out some of the most interesting, funny and weird slogans that folks have spotted on a tee shirt that are surely too good to pass up wearing in public just to see folks’ reactions. 

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#1 Trust Issues

Image source: Mander_Em

#2 I Should Have Bought It

Image source: bloated_snail

#3 I Mean, Same, But I Kinda Think It Goes Without Saying

Image source: AuthorCornAndBroil

#4 I Am Lithuanian (Not Me, The Shirt!)

Image source: PrincessGump

Mila Preradović: Oh but I can…we also have č, dž, š etc.🤭

#5 A Woman I Used To Go To Church With Just Got A Hip Replacement

Image source: elliebelliemk

Lavern Defazio:  Im sure a hip replacement is as horrible as it sounds. Especially the hospital bills.

#6 Cheeseboi

Image source: MrScant

theincrediblebatcat: 🎵some of them want to gouda you🎵

#7 I Can’t Disagree With The Shirt. This Is One I Wouldn’t Mind Actually

Image source: wiseupu

#8 What The Shrek Is Going On

Image source: specificlads

#9 This Girl Was Sitting Across From Me On The Train Home (In Tokyo)

Image source: madebyyouandi

WindySwede: We’re they thinking ‘Dysentery’?

#10 Don’t Talk To Me Until I’ve Had My Gabapentin

Image source: Necessary-Art-9259

Kylie: If you don’t know why, be grateful.

#11 Smokey Bear Tells It Like It Is

Image source: manxtales

theincrediblebatcat: I will pass on your kind offer

#12 I Found This While Thrifting The Other Day

Image source: ahishurhopeitdoes

Lavern Defazio: Me too. I like bees.

#13 Duality Of A Man

Image source: mer9256

Tamra: Oddly specific.

#14 All I Got Was An Odie Pen

Image source: estone0808

#15 Knuckles The Echidna

Image source: reddit.com

Multa Nocte: Quite frankly not half as bad as X Æ A-Xii Musk.

#16 Send A Special Message To That One Douche In Your Life

Image source: cb1216

#17 Found At My Local Thrift Store

Image source: reddit.com

theincrediblebatcat: I’d like to see a crazy chicken lady vs crazy cat lady fight

#18 Yes, I Vape

Image source: goodgirlgonzo

theincrediblebatcat: This is the only type of vape that is cool

#19 Only Realized Today That Me Circa 2015 Was A Perfect Fit For This Sub

Image source: reddit.com

#20 “What Is This?”

Image source: reddit.com

Mavis: Joy Division album cover.

#21 Old Guy Antic

Image source: gooobermcgee

Bored Birgit: Why does Ozzy Osbourne come to my mind?

#22 I Have Mental Illinois

Image source: goodgirlgonzo

#23 Stolen From Twitter

Image source: Wonderful_Top8505

#24 Spotted In Disney Springs

Image source: regnese

#25 I’m Very Excited For This Shirt That I Found At Goodwill Today

Image source: bloated_snail

Breadcrumb.: Mother trucker

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