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Engineer Spends $220,000 Upcycling A Retired Boeing 727 Into A Home In The Woods

Published 9 years ago

Bruce Campbell, a 64-year-old former engineer, spends half of each year living in what seems like a picture from a surreal dream or a mystical film set – a Boeing 727 situated in the middle of the woods. Campbell bought this retired 3-engine commercial jetliner and upcycled it into a home in the Oregon woods on 10 acres of land that he bought in his early 20s. The plane, the interior work and the land he bought cost him roughly $243K.

The plane looks just like an ordinary jetliner, complete with wings and landing gear, except that it rests on pillars. However, the inside of this unusual home is quite a different picture. The plane’s interior has been changed quite significantly to make as much free living space as possible out of its 1,066 square feet. However, Campbell plans to improve the airplane from the inside with features like a working lavatory, LED lighting, and seating.

If you’re interested in more information on this recycled airplane home, go visit Campbell’s website, where he explains his beautiful project in great detail.

More info: Website (h/t: huffpost)

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Still from the video by Even Quach


Image credits: John Brecher

Retirement into an aerospace class castle should be every jetliner’s constructive fate. They should never be mindlessly scrapped” – said Bruce Campbell, the aircraft’s owner (and resident).


Image credits: John Brecher


Image credits: John Brecher

Shredding a beautiful and scintillating jetliner is a tragedy in waste, and a profound failure of human imagination.


Still from the video by Even Quach


Still from the video by Even Quach


Image credits: John Brecher

Jetliners are masterful works of aerospace science, and their superlative engineering grace is unmatched by any other structures people can live within.


Image credits: John Brecher


Still from the video by Even Quach

They’re incredibly strong, durable, and long lived. And they easily withstand any earthquake or storm. Their interior is easy to keep immaculately clean because they are sealed pressure canisters.


Image credits: Airplane Home


Image credits: John Brecher


Image credits: Even Quach

You need to acquire two things: An airliner, and suitable land to host it.


Image credits: John Brecher

Then you need to transport your airliner to your land. That’s the most daunting challenge.


Image credits: Airplane Home


Image credits: John Brecher


Image credits: John Brecher

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