100% Recycled Bar In Japan Built From Trash

Published 8 years ago

While Leonardo DiCaprio is making the rounds online with his newest eco-documentary “Before The Flood“, a small town of Kamikatsu, Japan, is making a statement of its own with an award winning, zero-emissions Kamikatz Public House, built entirely out of recycled waste.

The design by the architects Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP has won the WAN Sustainable Buildings Award 2016 not only for its cool looks but also for being built completely out of reclaimed materials. Which fall in line with the town’s vision to recycle 100% of its waste in a few years (now it’s around 80%).

The building houses a bar, a brewery, and also living spaces. All of which feature clever displays of reuse, from reclaimed floor tiles to a bottle chandelier. A truly awesome design that showcases recycling not as a chore, but rather as a new creative outlet.

More info: wan awards (h/t: ufunk, inhabitat)

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