Server Went On Tiktok To Voice Out His Complaints About Customers Who Tipped Too Little, Triggered Opposing Reactions

Published 2 years ago

In the past, we have written two articles that show the unique things about the United States. You can read them by clicking here and here. It is worth noting that tipping is mentioned in both articles. Thus, we can argue that the tipping culture in the United States is relatively mainstream, whereas some countries might only have it optional.

In America, servers earn mostly from the tips that come from their customers. That is what made Ben Raanan, a server, rant on Tiktok about some customers who do not tip accordingly. See what he has to say below and how netizens reacted. Also, do tell us what you think of his action in the comments!

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One server, Ben Raanan, recently called out customers on TikTok for leaving small tips

Image credits: blazikenben

The video was met with opposing reactions, those who worked in service highlighted the importance of tipping accordingly

On the other hand, some thinks that it’s not the customers’ fault either

He uploaded a follow-up video to address the negative comments

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