30 Things Americans Do That People From Other Countries Find Bizarre

Published 3 years ago

With over 331 million people, the United States of America is one of the biggest countries in the world. Naturally, we end up hearing a lot about this country’s culture on the news, seeing it in movies, and reading about it on the internet. But here’s the thing – just because something is considered normal in the USA, this doesn’t mean it’s the same around the world.

Recently, one Reddit user asked people “What are American things that Americans don’t realize are just in America?”, and received numerous interesting responses. From massive food portions to using GoFundMe as a way to pay off one’s medical bills, check out some American things that non-Americans find bizarre in the gallery below!

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Image source: GTrav44

GoFundMe being an acceptable replacement for a health care system


Image source: GSLaaitie

Pronouncing corruption as “lobbying”


Image source: emissaryofwinds

The pledge of allegiance. If you tell people here that in America they make kids stand up and recite some prayer to a flag every single morning, they’ll look at you like you just grew a third arm.


Image source: kaden123drake

Literally being too poor to go to the doctor, but have too much income for any kind of assistance


Image source: Impossible-Buy-4090

Tipping as a wage subsidy. Many countries don’t have tipping and those that do generally tip a small amount for good service.

Also displayed prices not including taxes or other fees.


Image source: downtimeredditor

I want to say for-profit prison systems.

These things are f***** up. If the state doesn’t keep up the prisoner quota they gotta pay a fine to the company they owns the prison.

So this basically makes them try to keep existing prisoners


Image source: Officer_Cat_Fancy_

Assuming that everyone on the internet is American until proven otherwise.


Image source: jemariebearimy

Gender reveal parties


I am from Europe and I have never seen in supermarkets scooters for people that are so obese they can’t walk by themselves.

Image source: indigo-wolf


Image source: Broadmin

Having the restaurant take your credit card – in most countries it’s considered impolite to disappear with the card as they might write the digits down to charge extra later. Therefore they normally bring a portable terminal to your table so you can keep the card in eyesight and have the (optional) tip actually charged when the card is run and not added after the fact.


Image source: spammmmmmmmy

People who angrily DO NOT WANT healthcare.


Image source: CIA_grade_LSD

Medical debt


Image source: Snoo61123

Waiting like 8 weeks after your elections till the new guy comes in to power is pretty f****** weird


This may be a shot in the dark but product prices not including tax when they’re displayed? Like if something says it’s $10 and you only have $10, what’s with the surprise tax at the till?

Image source: ninjapotatoprd


Image source: digitalelise

Massive gaps on all sides of toilet cubicle doors, like why even bother with a door at all when people can see through so easily


Image source: Pyanez11

The Imperial System, Fahrenheits, massive ad breaks. I swear i watched US Television once and i nearly had time to go take a s*** before the adbreak ended. And i’m one of those people that play on their phone while on the throne


Image source: psyk738178

Flags. Everywhere


Image source: Random_Machiavelli

Bumper stickers. They’re a lot less common in Europe anyway, not sure about the rest of the world.


Your toxic grind working culture. I find that Americans define their entire personality around their profession. It all feels so shallow and hollow way of living. Like I work so I can do the things I enjoy ( pre covid) I don’t work because it defines me as a person.

Image source: vietcong420


Image source: UnusualLight0

College sports, people do not care about nor have college sports like we do here.


I can’t speak for the whole world, but having elections on a weekday seems crazy to me. We do it in the weekend so that people are off work anyway.

Image source: frosty_hotboy


Image source: BerserkBoulderer

Absurdly long election campaigns. In most countries I’ve been to election campaigns last a month or two, in the US they seem to go for a full year.


It’s pretty funny watching Americans moan over their super-cheap petrol prices. “But we drive everywhere, cars are fundamental to our society”. Yep, same here in Australia, too. Your fuel is still incredibly cheap.

Image source: vacri


Image source: Drumah

Food portion sizes… In EU you get food portions you can finish and are generally calculated to be pretty much fill/satisfy you over the entire meal.

When I go to the US I can fill myself up with half of the appetizer


The use of the words junior, sophomore and senior in school. I don’t think I have ever heard these outside of an American TV show or movie.

Image source: No-Soft-3703


Image source: Banana_Gorilla

Unused vacation days


A single pool of paid time off that you use for both vacation and sick leave. Therefore having to forego vacation to keep a bank of leave just in case you get ill.

Image source: littleloucc


Those commercials featuring some sort of drug or medication. With the typical closing where the narrator states “Side effects includes blah blah blah…Discuss with your doctor about blah blah blah”

Image source: Noor_awsome


People constantly thanking god for every day occurrences

Image source: toshredsyousay6502


Tipping, most other places actually pay their waiters/waitresses and tippings just for extremely good service or rounding up.

Image source: Undisclosed-Fruit

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