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Every Year This Town In Pennsylvania Celebrates New Year By Lowering A 400-Pound Marshmallow Peep

Published 6 months ago

How will you be celebrating this New Year’s Eve? Quietly, with a small group of close friends? Or maybe you’ll go all out, drinking expensive champagne and shooting fireworks while wearing your most expensive suit? However it may be, you might want to consider on more option.

New York City has a tradition of greeting New Year by watching a giant time ball drop. It has been carried on for more than a hundred years and many people can’t imagine this celebration without it. However, one city in Pennsylvania has an even more unique tradition.

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Instead of a time ball, on New Year’s Eve, the people of Bethlehem, PA are dropping a giant Marshmallow Peep

Image source: Flickr

This city is the hometown of the famous Peeps candy and for every New Year, the brand organizes a 2-day festival, called Peepfest.

The festival’s highlight is the Peeps Chick drop

Image source: Twitter

Image source: Twitter

The giant chick, standing at 4 ft 9 in (1.44 m) tall and weighing 400 pounds, is slowly lowered as people are counting the last seconds of the year.

The company says it’s an “iconic symbol that represents the PEEPS® brand, our company and our community.”

Image source: Twitter

Image source: Twitter

“We look forward to celebrating with fans, some of who travel from all over the country, at PEEPSFEST®!”

More info:  Peepsfest | h/t: Insider

It truly is a unique tradition that the people of Bethlehem have been carrying on for 10 years!

Image source: Flickr

Image source: Twitter

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