20 ‘Then And Now’ Pics Showing How Time Affects Things

Published 2 years ago

Have you ever compared “then and now” pictures of a place or a person to see how things have changed? Photographs often help us reflect on the changes and understand the effect of time on things. Some things change drastically, while others show subtle changes even after many years, that’s how life works.

There is a subreddit called r/OldPhotosInRealLife in which people share two side-by-side photos that were taken years apart. Through these rephotographed images, we can see how things are affected by time. Scroll below to see some of their best photos. And if you want more, check out our previous post here.

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#1 Minami-Sanriku (Japan) 2011 vs. 2020

Image source: dctroll_

#2 Poznań Old Square – Ww2 vs. 2021

Image source: DataOperator

#3 1980s And Nowadays, Forestation By Hikmet Kaya In Turkey

Image source: Mahammad_Mammadli

#4 Tiergarten, Berlin (1945 & 2021)

Image source: hankmeisterr

#5 Boston – Elevated Highway Moved Underground, Replaced With Green Space. (1990s V. 2010s)

Image source: rrsafety

#6 Roman Forum (Rome, Italy) Before 1864 vs. Today

Image source: dctroll_

#7 Haarlemmerdijk Street In Amsterdam, Netherlands (1971 And 2020)

Image source: Mackelowsky

#8 Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal. 100 Years Apart

Image source: hankmeisterr

#9 1910 Great Flood Of Paris

Image source: hankmeisterr

#10 This Is A Photo My Great Grandfather Took In Youngstown In 1951 And A Photo I Took Yesterday

Image source: Sclusive88

#11 Manhattan In 1851 And Today

Image source: ParaMike46

#12 Baroli Temples, Baroli, Rajasthan, India. Built 10th Century Ce. Sketch From 1850 And Picture From 2018

Image source: 1NbSHXj3

#13 Torun, Poland

Image source: KomisarzLudowy

#14 Roman Theatre Of Cartagena (Province Of Murcia, Spain) 1991 vs. 2021

Image source: dctroll_

#15 My House – Lillington, Nc – 1914 And Last Year

Image source: aarontodd82

#16 Kharkiv, Ukraine 2015 And 2022

Image source: Twizzyu

#17 1946 vs. 2021 – Poznań, Poland

Image source: DataOperator

#18 Besikli Cave Tomb In Hatay, Turkey

Image source: hankmeisterr

#19 Gooderham Flatiron Building, Toronto (1895 vs. Today)

Image source: jayatil2

#20 Avril Lavigne’s First Album Shoot 2022 vs. 2002

Image source: Assbait93

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