25 Older Individuals Offer Advice On Living A Life With Fewer Regrets

Published 6 months ago

In the vast expanse of Reddit, where memes, debates, and cat videos usually take center stage, a recent post sparked a different kind of conversation. The question was simple yet profound: “Older people of Reddit: What ISN’T BS? What’s absolutely worth leaning into?”

It was as if a digital door swung open, inviting the seasoned netizens to step forward and share the gems of life wisdom they’ve accumulated over the years. So, grab a virtual seat, because we’re about to delve into the candid and unfiltered advice from those who have weathered the storms.

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Stretching. The answer is abso-f*****g-lutly stretching… and water.


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Taking care of your skin!


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The problem is…you think you have time.

Life is very short. When you’re young and the days and years seem long, you think life will last forever. That is a trick. You cannot buy more time. Stop wasting it on c**p like being on your phone, arguing over piddly things, being hateful or angry. You’re wasting your precious time, and none of that matters in the end.

Learn to let go of the BS and be grateful for your time.


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Just remember, if someone offers you a breath mint, take it!


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Kindness, understanding and empathy.


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A healthy diet and exercise because it is easier to stay in shape than it is to get in shape, keep learning because the world keeps changing, find an inexpensive hobby . Learn how money works, make and continue to refine a budget and live within your means, save money. I have never heard in all of my years on this planet someone say ” I’m way too healthy”, “I wish I didn’t put all that money into diversified investments when I was young”, or” I am too well informed and knowledgeable”.


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Not every old person is dumb or senile


Image source: Disastrous-Aspect569, Tima Miroshnichenko

Work smarter not harder.

Call your grandma

Be the person your dog thinks you are.


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Therapy. We’re all carrying around a ton of baggage and so many of us are trying to silently slog through life with it. Therapy literally saved my life. It will be a permanent fixture in my life until I’m in the dirt. The only thing I regret about it is that I didn’t start earlier.


Image source: SnooConfections6085, Julia Larson

Regular exercise is hugely important for quality of life. The older you get the stronger the effect. Lack of exercise ages like nothing else.


Image source: sixty_cycles, Jonathan Borba

Management isn’t for everyone… know when to stop climbing the corporate ladder.


Image source: dougramz, Alfo Medeiros

The best day to plant a fruit tree was years ago, but the next best time to plant one is today.


Image source: BlackEagle0013, Towfiqu barbhuiya

Taking care of your damn knees. Trust me on this.


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The effort that you make to better yourself and your life between the ages of 18 and 25 will be reflected in the quality of your life after you turn 40.


Image source: Toasterband, Mark Paton

Goddamn it, wear earplugs at loud events, and be aware of your headphone volume. Hearing aids are expensive, and insurance does not cover them.


Image source: Embarrassed_Bar_1215, Matt Barnard

You meet very few people in your life you *actually* really connect with. Make sure you keep in touch with them.


Image source: GoHerd1984, Vlada Karpovich

Staying active in retirement…both physically and socially. You retire and sit…you die.


Image source: dmbgreen, Towfiqu barbhuiya

Avoid debt. Very few things are worth going into debt for.


Image source: Princess_Jade1974, La-Rel Easter

Live below your means.


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Everyone is interesting. No matter who you are or what you do. Approach people that way. Be curious about the lives and trajectories and stories of other people.


Image source: astidad, Karolina Grabowska

Look after your teeth.


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Travel, one day you will reflect on your life experiences and remember the highs and lows! I can guarantee you that travelling, experiencing different cultures, food and sights will be primarily your highs and a life worth lived!

Oh and wear sunscreen!


Image source: linux_user_13, Avi Richards

Work for your self even if you are employed by someone else. Do stuff because it needs needs done not because someone told


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If you do a search for “education” all you ever hear is how lousy the system is. Who cares. Do whatever you can to educate yourself. It doesn’t even matter whether you get good grades or not. Just learn stuff. Read books. Knowing how to do something is always better than not knowing anything about it. Even Latin and Trigonometry.

“Only the educated are free” –Epictetus

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