“One-Line Celebrity”: 18 Portraits Of Famous Faces Drawn Using One Single Line

Published 9 months ago

Loooop Studios are the creators of a simple and unique art form with their, “One Line Celebrities”. Their goal is to draw the distinctive features and well-known expressions of famed celebs using a single, unbroken line. 

They admit that while it may not be an exact likeness, the ultimate goal is in fact to instantly create a sense of familiarity in their depiction that makes the face instantly recognisable. Scroll below for a gallery of their most interesting works showing these unique drawings of famous faces in their minimalist form.

More info: Instagram | loooop.studio | behance.net

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#1 Leonardo Dicaprio

#2 Johnny Depp

#3 Will Smith

#4 Serena Williams

#5 Lionel Messi

#6 Oprah Winfrey


#7 Bill Gates

#8 Greta Thunberg

#9 Brad Pitt

#10 Ariana Grande


#11 Elon Musk

#12 Mark Zuckerberg

#13 Kanye West

#14 Cristiano Ronaldo


#15 Mike Tyson


#16 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson



#17 Taylor Swift


#18 Michael Jordan


Shanilou Perera

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