Irish People’s Reaction To Their First Hurricane In Nearly 60 Years Is Absolutely Hilarious

Published 7 years ago

Hurricanes have become a thing in places that forgot those even exist. That’s what happened with Ophelia, a first hurricane to hit the shores of Ireland in nearly 60 years. And while it does sound serious, the Irish themselves are simply having a blast making jokes about it all over Twitter.

Despite Ophelia wreaking havoc on the island by leaving 3 dead, and thousands of people without power, it’s the times like these when the Irish sense of humor shines the brightest. The reality mixed with inevitable trouble seems like their forte, so even then their brutally honest humor does manage to make those days a bit brighter.

Scroll below to see the tweets during both the storm’s build-up and its commencement, and if you’re affected by it, we hope you stay safe and happy.

(h/t boredpanda)

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