20 Photos And Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Interesting, Funny, And Heartwarming Things In Canada

Published 10 months ago

Canada is a land of stunning natural beauty, diverse cultures, and a quirky sense of humor that’s uniquely its own. From the majestic landscapes of the Rockies to the charming quirks of Canadian culture, this country never fails to captivate and amuse.

The Facebook group “Only in Canada” shares some of the quirkiest posts about the country. Let’s take a lighthearted journey through some photos and memes that encapsulate the intriguing, humorous, and heartwarming aspects of life in the Great White North.

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Image source: Van James


Image source: Crystal Desormeaux


Image source: Crystal Desormeaux

#4 Remember Walking To School In The Winter When We Were Kids? Our Parents Never Drove Us – Ever

Image source: Van James


Image source: Jacob Bos

#6 Go Canada! You’re Looking At The Longest Covered Bridge In The World!!

Image source: Van James

The Hartland-covered bridge in New Brunswick holds the record. Built in 1909 the covered bridge over upper ward creek in New Brunswick has been a charming part of the landscape for over a century.❤️??❤️

#7 Made Only In Canada

Image source: Van James


Image source: Ibolya Ivan

#9 Pure Canadian

Image source: Johnny Cooper


Image source: Van James


Image source: Trpimir Matasovic


Image source: Heidi Jonah Fogarty


Image source: Darren Nivens


Image source: Derek Costa


Image source: Cheryl Bitz Rygh


Image source: Van James


Image source: Jackie Lebrun


Image source: Van James


Image source: something-you-knownothingof

#20 Can’t Get More Canadian Than This

Image source: Andreana Mancini

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