20 Creative Designs That Show Out Of The Box Thinking

Published 1 year ago

Daring to be different is challenging to successfully pull off. While many aspire to be radically outrageous and cool, there’s maybe an actual handful that actually achieve this. But when they do, the absolute breathtaking simplicity of it tends to astound us. The “Great Taste And Great Execution” (GTAGE)  subreddit aims to highlight the positive outcomes where human ingenuity meets innovation and exceeds all expectations. Scroll below for a satisfying selection of smart designs, to innovative product packaging and other cool ideas that show “great taste and great execution” to boot.

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#1 This Mystique Cosplay

Image source: swap714

#2 Tie Dyed Wedding Dress

Image source: superfly355

#3 This Dude Built His Kid A Lamborghini Out Of Mostly Wood

Image source: ProfStorm

#4 This Stunning Timber Floor

Image source: ProfStorm

#5 This Key Shaped Like A Little Sword

Image source: TheFatMistake

#6 Wooden Table With Helical Legs

Image source: HowardJDuck

#7 An Old TV Repurposed Into A Cat Bed

Image source: ProfStorm

#8 A Restaurant Dressed Up For Halloween Ghostbusters Style

Image source: ProfStorm

#9 Custom Table Made From Original Golden Gate Bridge Suspender Ropes

Image source: lemonheadlester

#10 This Is A Great Take On Something That’s Just Always Been There But Nobody Thought To Have Fun With. It Conveys ‘Exit’ Better Too

Image source: ExistentialYurt

#11 Hardwood Spiral Staircase

Image source: ProfStorm

#12 Black On Black Vw Bus

Image source: ProfStorm

#13 The Top Of This 1954 Camper Is A Boat

Image source: ProfStorm

#14 If You Like Trees… And Cats

Image source: sheensizzle

#15 This Pirate Ship Model Standing 8ft (2.4m) Tall And Over 7ft (2.2m) Long That Took 14 Months To Construct

Image source: ProfStorm

#16 Christmas Tree Created From Local Sea Glass

Image source: TheSacredEarth

#17 This Champagne Cork Chair

Image source: Yung-Producer

#18 Remember: All I’m Offering Is The Water

Image source: Bozzerone

#19 This Homemade Cardboard Tetris Game

Image source: ProfStorm

#20 Blacksmith From Slovakia Made A Dragon Car

Image source: walkerka

#21 This Kid’s Playhouse

Image source: ProfStorm

#22 Natural Stone Fireplace

Image source: ProfStorm

#23 This Wall Painting On My Street (2 Painters Worked On This)

Image source: MrOopee

#24 Wood And Resin Lamp That Looks Like Its Burning

Image source: HowardJDuck

#25 Death Star Fire Pit

Image source: Opusprime15

#26 This German Kindergarten

Image source: AngryPupperNutter

#27 Dragon Bench By Igor Loskutow

Image source: ChaosKnightfox

#28 This Bridge In Germany Painted To Look Like Legos

Image source: reddit.com

#29 This Scooter And Sidecar

Image source: ProfStorm

#30 This Bus Used To Advertise A Zoo

Image source: Itduke

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