10 Masterpieces Emerged From Simple White Paper, Courtesy Of Peter Callesen

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In the realm of contemporary art, Danish artist Peter Callesen has carved a niche for himself by transforming the seemingly mundane into awe-inspiring masterpieces. His medium of choice? Simple white paper. Callesen’s artistic prowess lies in his ability to manipulate and sculpt ordinary sheets of paper into intricate and delicate creations that defy imagination.

In a recent interview with DeMilked, Peter Callesen sheds light on his artistic journey spanning two decades and the intricacies of his creative process. The conversation unveils the inspiration behind his choice of medium, the evolution of his signature A4 paper works, and the magical transformation that occurs when flat paper morphs into three-dimensional masterpieces.

When asked about the duration of his involvement in creating these awe-inspiring artworks, Callesen proudly states, “I have been working with paper for 20 years now.” This extensive period of dedication and experimentation has culminated in a stunning collection of works, recently showcased in his new book, “Skin of Paper – Peter Callesen

Let’s embark on a journey to explore some of his most breathtaking masterpieces that showcase the extraordinary possibilities inherent in the simplicity of white paper.

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Image source: Peter Callesen

Callesen traces the origins of his fascination with paper back to a performance art project, “Palace of Dreams,” in 2003. His initial foray into the impossible, building a floating castle in polystyrene, eventually led to the creation of a paper version that sparked a series of works in A4 format. The small, seemingly humble A4 sheet, found ubiquitously in everyday life, became a canvas for Callesen’s exploration of large existential themes.

Expressing his fascination with the A4 sheet, Callesen remarks, “It has a sort of mathematical beauty, at the same time as it is so much a part of everyday life and common in so many places around the world.” He finds the paper’s fragility and small scale contribute to a more intense experience for the viewer, describing his works as containing a “sort of magic” or perhaps “a sort of illusionism.” The artist shares, “I am specially interested in the A4 paper sheet. I think it’s a very beautiful and harmonious format.”


Image source: Peter Callesen

In discussing his creative process, Callesen highlights his interest in transforming flat paper into new three-dimensional forms and narratives. He views the process as a play with the infeasible, often challenging conventional expectations. “I also think that the paper’s fragility combined with the small scale contributes to making the experience of the works more intense,” he adds.


Image source: Peter Callesen

Callesen has an ongoing quest for transformation, as he continues to find new methods and create tools to realize his artistic visions. “I am still very interested in how I can transform the flat paper into new three-dimensional forms and narratives. I find it interesting to push the fashioning of the work to its limits—What’s possible? Where are the limits and how far can I go with the paper? How do I get something to rise from the paper, and how do I get the flat paper to take on the shape of a fly, a knocked over pot of paint, or a dangling man. It’s also a bit of a play with the infeasible, for example when I made an egg of a flat piece of paper, which in principle shouldn’t be possible. But once the idea has manifested itself, I try to find new methods and make various tools myself that make it possible,” he says.

The artist provides a unique glimpse of pushing the boundaries of paper art, inviting us to reconsider the ordinary and find beauty in the delicate dance between flatness and dimensionality. He remarks, “Many people say that my works contain a sort of magic. I don’t know whether this is true, perhaps it’s more like a sort of illusionism. There is a before and an after; something is cut away and transformed into a three-dimensional figure, but often it isn’t immediately possible to see how it has happened. But there is always a relation, a contradiction, or a story between the silhouette which the cut-out leaves, and the three-dimensional form which it is transformed into. So the transformation from the flat paper to the three-dimensional recurs in many of my works. NG: The sheet of A4 and the miniatures ”


Image source: Peter Callesen

Peter Callesen’s works not only offers a rich understanding of his artistic journey but also provides an intimate look into the philosophy and techniques that drive his masterful creations. Through the lens of his words, we witness the magic and illusionism inherent in his work, proving that simplicity, when wielded by a master, can transcend into extraordinary art.


Image source: Peter Callesen


Image source: Peter Callesen


Image source: Peter Callesen


Image source: Peter Callesen


Image source: Peter Callesen


Image source: Peter Callesen

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