Someone Points Out That Humans Aged Faster In The Past And The Pictures Don’t Lie

Published 5 years ago

Imagine a situation: you’re looking at an old photo of your great grandparents standing in front of their new home while holding a newborn in their hands. You flip the picture over and there’s a scribble on the back “Mom and Pop, age 22”. You can’t believe your eyes – they look at least forty in that photo! It may sound crazy but it looks like people actually did age faster in the past than they do now.

Baseball player Brandon McCarthy recently asked Twitter users if people aged faster in the past and got some photo evidence confirming this theory. Check it out below!

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Now, we’re not sure if it’s just a coincidence or not but the pictures don’t lie. Some people speculated that it might be because of the choice of clothes and hairstyles while others pointed out that it might have been caused by rampant smoking (just remember – you could smoke in hospitals and even on airplanes!). Of course, there were also historical factors like the World Wars and the Great Depression that could have influenced the accelerated aging.

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And like in any good Twitter thread, there was no shortage of jokes

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